Mass. Bombing Plot Foiled

You know. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a worthwhile post. Sometimes that’s a good thing because it means that things aren’t too fucked up in my world. Then I read that police in Massachusetts foiled a plot in which three high school students planned to bomb their high school and shoot fleeing teachers and students as they escaped the building.

In an article that I read on Yahoo they state that police were tipped off by the school janitor who found the plans outlying the attack. Police found in the suspects’ homes shotgun shells, bomb-making instructions, knives, flares, and pictures of themselves with weapons. Of course the word Columbine was thrown around once or twice and with good reason.

When I read this article at the they said this….

“McKeehan, who often dressed in Marilyn Manson T-shirts and a long, black trenchcoat with choke-collar chains, had shaved the sides of his head and wore his hair pulled back in a ponytail, which he frequently dyed different colors, said Kimball and a neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified.”

Here we go again. Look, when I was 17 I wore a black trenchcoat, had long hair and wore Ozzy t-shirts but I never threatened to blow up a school. But this case goes way beyond that. Apparently, the lead suspect, Eric McKeehan, had fits of violence. It seems he was estranged from his family and that his parents did not want anything to do with him. One of the other juvenile suspects allegedly has ADD and was distraught over his father’s death from cancer. Boo-freakin’ hoo. We’ve all had a rough life. Some rougher than others. But this is still no excuse to plot the deaths of dozens if not hundreds.

And in this article from the Boston Globe Online the mother of one of the suspects, who took in the other two suspects prior to the arrests, denies everything. She says that the shotgun shells were from a hunting trip. And that the kids were “gentle” and “misunderstood”. Then the article goes on to say…

“She said the students may have made some threats, but that they never really intended to hurt anybody.”

Excuse me? People who are gentle and misunderstood do not make threats to kill others. Sounds to me like another case of “not my kid”. People just do not want to take responsibility for any of their actions. Is this what we’ve become as a nation. Should the nation’s motto be “it’s not my fault”? Suck it up America. Be responsible and keep a better eye on your kids.

One thought on “Mass. Bombing Plot Foiled”

  1. Actually it wasnt the note. It was someone going to the police. Which half the reports are worded wrong, or in the political aspect worded right for them.


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