Cop killer death sentence overturned

So I’m reading the local rag here in Charlotte and I catch an article from back home in Philly. And I have just one word to say. Un-fucking-believable.

Some half-assed judge in Philly decided to overturn convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal’s death sentence. For those of you who may not be familiar with the case, Abu-Jamal shot and killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. Abu-Jamal claims he didn’t receive a fair trial and was a victim of a racist judicial system. But at no time has he ever denied shooting Daniel Faulkner. Many celebrities have come to the aid of Abu-Jamal like Ed Asner, Mike Farrel, and Rage Against The Machine. In a recent documentary I saw on PBS about Abu-Jamal the evidence was overwhelming against him. A bullet from his registered gun was found in Daniel Faulkner. But liberals and radicals claim that Abu-Jamal deserves a retrial? On what friggin’ grounds? But since Daniel Faulkner was white and Abu-Jamal was black it must be a racist system. Apparently this judge overturned the death sentence for his own personal motives. This scumbag has been glorified by some people as some sort of hero. Comparing him to the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King. Here’s the thing Dr. King did not kill a cop. And lost somewhere in all this is Maureen Faulkner, Daniel Faulkner’s widow. While celebrities are coming to the aid of a convicted cop killer where are the celebrities coming to the aid of Maureen Faulkner. And what really fries my ass is that Abu-Jamal has been made an honorary citizen of Paris. The same city that harbored convicted killer Ira Einhorn for years. Just one more reason to nuke France. The world has its priorities all fucked up when we’re supposed to idolize a convicted cop killer.

Abu-Jamal will be resentenced and he could be sentenced to death again. But as liberal as Philly is I highly doubt it. But if there is true justice there’s a needle with his name on it in Pennsylvania.

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