Andrea Yates

So I’m reading this article about the Andrea Yates sentencing. Nothing that I haven’t read already. Until I get down towards the bottom where I see this….

A human rights group has filed a complaint with state regulators over Yates’ psychiatric treatment, contending that she received “shoddy” mental health care before drowning her children.

Yates was in a psychotic state caused by premature release from care, use of inappropriate drugs and overmedication, according to CCHR Texas’ complaint filed with the state Board of Medical Examiners.

Shoddy mental health care? Excuse me? She was told time and time again not to have any more children. But she kept on having them, no thanks to her husband, who should also be convicted as far as I’m concerned. This is nobody’s responsibility except her and her husband. If they’d let me I’d push the plunger myself if they sentence her to death.

UPDATE: The jury has given her life in prison. Way to puss out. You suck Texas.

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