Beating Mom Pleads Innocent

Mom in videotaped beating to plead innocent:

I’m sure we all saw the videotape over the weekend. If this mom is so innocent then why did she dye her hair from blonde to brunette? It turns out she’s an Irish Traveler.

For those of you who may not know Irish Travelers are descendants of a group of Irish immigrants who settled in the US in the late 1800’s and would travel up and down the east coast in search of work. But today they’re mostly known for allegedly being grifters and con artists and for keeping to their own kind in a secretive fashion.

A few years ago I saw a story on Dateline where they said Irish Travelers from South Carolina would travel up and down the east coast stating they were roofers or contractors of some sort and then bilk elderly citizens out of their money.

The Irish Travelers creep me out for two reasons. One, in that South Carolina town I told you about, there are only 5 last names in the entire town, So you know there may be some serious inbreeding going on. Two, they marry off their daughters at 13 and 14 to much older men. To me, that’s just pedophilia.

Since the mother was arrested the child has been placed in protective care which in my opinion is the best for her. No one who would have their family hide them or dye their hair to evade authorities is innocent. I can not understand what her defense could possibly be.

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