13 Crosses

U.S. high court leaves alone ruling against tiles’ display at Columbine:

In 1997 Columbine High started a program where students were allowed to decorate the walls with ceramic tiles that they handmade themselves. After Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people at Columbine High the school decided to invite parents of the victims to make their own tiles to help with their mourning. But the school then rejected several tiles that had religious messages. One in particular made by Brian Rohrbough which depicted 13 crosses. Brian’s son Daniel was killed during the Columbine massacre. How much balls does a school system have to tell the parent of a child killed in their school that they can’t pay tribute to their son because of religious messages? And to make it worse the US Supreme Court totally deflected any responsibility by refusing to hear the case. The 10th Circuit Court had previously ruled in favor of the school. It’s bad enough that these people had to lose a child in the most tragic way possible. Then the school just slaps them in the face by telling them that their tribute is inappropriate. Losing their son was inappropriate. Donald Fleming also lost a child, Kelly, put it best in the article when he said…“The school district apparently believes in freedom from religion instead of freedom of religion,” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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