Hazing, strong enough for a man but made for women

Classmates React To Alleged Hazing:

Alleged??? What’s so alleged about it? There’s a video of it. Anyway thanks to Badjocks.com for the link. I’m sure we’ve all heard of this hazing incident in Chicago by now. It seems that hazing is not just among men. Women seem to be getting into the game. Under the guise of a “powder puff” football game between female members of the senior and junior classes but quickly degenerated into a severe beatdown on the juniors. One girl has a broken ankle. One girl received 15 stitches. Another girl has suffered hearing loss. And I guess not to be outdone by the Sharpie Sodomy guys one girl even contracted a bacterial infection after being forced to eat human waste. That’s right, she had to eat someone’s shit. What makes me even more sick is that some of the students feel the juniors got what they deserved. And other students are looking forward to next year. And still, there’s a question of whether criminal charges should be brought against the seniors. What’s to question? Making someone eat shit has got to be assault at the very least. But who knows? Maybe next year someone will be forced to… you know what? I can’t even think of anything worse than that. But I’m sure they will. If no arrests are made then there has been a severe miscarriage of justice.

One thought on “Hazing, strong enough for a man but made for women”

  1. I don’t care what anyone says, where in the **** are the parents?????? The students, even though they aren’t children (physically), are probably not emancipated, and the parents are responsible to see that their children contribute to society rather than denegrate/immoralize it. I am sick of idiots like this, parents AND kids. Just really sick of people who have children and choose to not be responsible for them. There were LOTS of kids there besides the “powder puffs”, and they were all drinking/drunk, so I guess that’s okay!!! I saw one of the boys interviewed on CNN and he said that the seniors had a keg but was accusing the junior girls of drinking, and apparently they weren’t old enough!!! Where in the *bleep* are the parents? Since when is alcohol consumption okay for minors? I wonder why this makes me so hot?


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