2 Hazing stories for the price of 1

Parents Probed in ‘Powder Puff’ Hazing Incident:

Police seem to think that parents may have supplied the beer and the feces for the Northbrook Il. “powder-puff” hazing incident. That’s so nice, isn’t it? At what point does a parent say…”I love my child so much that I’m going to supply them with a keg of beer and a bag of shit so they can humiliate someone else’s children”? If that turns out to be true there better be jail time involved.

Affidavit gives details of alleged sexual assault, hazing:

I guess the men were feeling left out because we now have another tea-bagging incident. 3 members of a high school baseball team held down one player while another dragged his genitals across his face and mouth. All 4 have been arrested on sexual assault charges. You know in my day the worst that happened to you was you got snapped with a wet towel on the ass. How long will it be before high school athletic hazing involves full-blown forced sodomy?

One thought on “2 Hazing stories for the price of 1”

  1. Was I right or was I right? These “people” make me want to throw up. Where’s the “Punchie” award for “stupid parents”? They get my vote.


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