Charges Filed

Hazing Students Charged With Misdemeanor Battery:

Fifteen of the students involved with the Illinois “powder puff” hazing incident have been charged with misdemeanor battery. If found guilty sentences could range from 364 days in prison to or court supervision. How much do you want to bet none of those kids even sniff a jail cell. Police are still looking for the jackass parents who provided the kegs. If they do find them and they don’t serve any jail time then there’s no hope for the legal system in this country.

3 thoughts on “Charges Filed”

  1. They won’t serve any jail time, and neither will the parents. There isn’t any hope for the legal system. It sucks. They need to lock all of them up and prove to other idiots thinking of doing the same think, that there actually IS a thing called punishment in this country.


  2. This whole deal just nauseates me. I guess what I think would be just punishment would be to have the pictures of the offenders publicized and posted in the local papers, and the local schools. Then it will forever be in print and maybe make an impression on the minds of the underclassmen. Since this story has gone south, my next hope is that the juniors who sat there through the humiliation (obviously too young to know that this is not how it’s supposed to be) will not repeat this stupidity next year.


  3. Kudos, to the principal who is so far sticking to his guns. I agree, these kids and particularly the idiot parents who supplies them with the kegs should all be charged and punished. What kind of parent would be in these hearing defending the actions of their children. Trying to overturn their suspensions so they can attend the prom and graduation???? If that was my kid there would be no thought of them attending anything even if the school didn’t ban them. What a poor example those parents have shown themselves to be.


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