NJ Shooting Spree Foiled

Shooting spree foiled:

A Columbine-style killing spree was stopped today in South Jersey. 3 teens sporting trench coats, carrying guns and knives were captured by police after a botched car-jacking. The three were planning to kill three school “enemies” and then kill random people. They did not plan on being taken alive. The oldest suspect, Matthew Lovett, 18, had a Matrix obsession. From the article…

Lovett also imagined an almost supernatural aura around himself, sometimes referring to himself as The Mystic, The One and Neo, friends said. The One and Neo are names for Keanu Reeves’

character in The Matrix film series.

Another Matrix case. I wonder how long it will take before someone starts complaining about the movie.

According to this article Lovett had some anger issues and drew violent pictures and was picked on a lot at school and kept a list of enemies since grade school. Normally I would blame the parents for letting this go undetected but Lovett’s father had his hands full. Lovett’s brother had a cleft palette which required a lot of attention and his mom died 9 years ago. Still, someone had to notice these things. Then again it is the New Jersey public school system we’re talking about.

Actually there is a ton of blame to go around but I’m not going to get into that. What I can’t believe is that even after Columbine and all the copycats since that schools still don’t do anything about bullying. I’m also still amazed that kids are still bullying other kids in the wake of Columbine. Apparently, our children aren’t learning anything at school anymore.

Luckily through their own ineptness they were captured without incident.

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