Eric Harris worship site

A reaction to a site being added to the watchlist.

Comment left by: Morticia Jada Raven-Ashe

Thanks for adding me to the list! Just another notch in my belt of accomplishments! 😉 Hate for people like you fuels my website. And while you’re at it, make sure you “black list” my Eric Harris website, too, at: www.(REDACTED)

Enjoy, shit for brains!

(UPDATE) Too many people have been looking for this site lately and I don’t want to give them the traffic.

Ok you asked for it. This site is as equally disgusting as your other one. I feel like I’m repeating myself here but Harris and Klebold were cold-blooded killers. They killed 13 innocent people. Most of us were harassed in school but we didn’t kill anybody over it. Eric Harris’ parents failed in their job as parents. They should be forcibly sterilized so they don’t reproduce again. Harris and Klebold are not people to be worshiped or idolized or even sympathized. What makes me even sicker is that there are other people out there like this sick bitch that have signed the guestbook. The only solace I take in a site like this is that Harris and Klebold are burning in hell.

The psycho bitch had something to say about me on her fucked up message board…

Does anyone know who this 34-year-old asshole is? He talks like he is close to the subject of Columbine, but perhaps he’s just a dickbrain like other people.

Then there’s a picture of some bimbo in leather with a swastika armband. Tell me this chick ain’t a sick fuck? Listen, little girl, if you took the time to read the TOP PART OF MY SITE you would know who the fuck I am. You need some serious time in an asylum.

15 thoughts on “Eric Harris worship site”

  1. you don’t know what harassment is, do you? posting something @ the blacklist about a site you don’t like isn’t harassment. it’s stating an opinion.the webmaster invited further action when they commented and invited trench to the other site.and frankly, as a colorado resident who KNOWS someone who was AT COLUMBINE DURING THE ATTACK, i think anyone who believes that klebold and harris are anything special needs to be locked away. everyone gets bullied at some point in their lives. only an asshole launches an armed assault on the student body of a school. and the only parents i can think of who could possibly be worse then klebold and harris’ would be john and patsy ramsey.


  2. I think that you people aren’t looking at why people look at the boys are heros,alot of kids MILLIONS of kids are torcherd in school for being different,and no one not even a teacher does a damn thing. In school there was a girl who beat me up and consantly picked on me to no end. She sits in jail now because she murdered a women with her car repeatedly running her over. Or the girl who lied and said i called her a nigger so she could get away with busting my nose in class while I got suspended for something I would never say. Yu all seem like the type of people who tormented me and my friends in school,I ended up graduating a year and a half yearly to get away from those people.Out in the real world,I am considered a creative and artistic prodigy,who are you to judge what you don’t understand?you wanna bitch at me or tell me you think I am wrong with valide points (not oh you are a dmubass) email mealthea_farmer@yahoo.comI am even on my messanger some times


  3. Yea sometimes people don’t know how to keep there comments to themselves. Kids can be cruel in high school but thats no reason to kill people over it. I’ve been reading up on these guys and some of there stories and in the beginning they weren’t bad guys. I’m sure if I had known them and I had the chance to try and talk them out of it. I would in a heartbeat but unfortunitly you can’t change the past. What they did was wrong and I don’t pity them in the least bit. I just pity the fact that there parents didn’t notice the obvious warning signs that they showed. Ecpecially after one of the boys walked out of his house with a gun sticking out of his bag. If my mom saw me walk out of the house with a weapon she would stop me in less then 3 seconds.


  4. you all got your asses kicked jsut like those losers before they had to kill themselves. You are truely the lowest class of society – and I love that you feel you have to hate everyone – doesn’t it take a lot of energy? Keep going, maybe you can kill yourself too one day, and I can hear about it on the news while enjoying my dinner


  5. It didn’t have to happen! Where was that one friend? Just one, one person to reach out and befriend them. 1,945 students…TWO THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE…and not one reached out?Who’s to say that if someone did reach out that Harris or Klebold would have accepted.


  6. I tHiNk ErIc HaRrIs aNd DyLaN KlEBoLd Are F***ing GoDs.:twisted:WhOeVeR ThiNkS ThErE CrAZy ArE F***ing ReTaRdEd.ThEy PlAnNeD iT So PeRfEcTLy.:!:ThEy hAd A PoInT, NoOnE DeSeRvEd WhAt ThEy GoT aT ScHoOl. KiCk-StArT ThE ReVoLuTiOn.:twisted::twisted::twisted:


  7. God-like. Sure, whatever you say Skippy. Someday you’ll know what real life is like and then you’ll realize that your heroes were just cowards. And you’re banned until you can learn to type like a human.


  8. Everybody deserves to have a life free of harassment and degradation. The constant merciless tormenting they were subjected to is far and away different from ‘normal’ teasing that goes on in any school, it’s a matter of degrees. I don’t believe all the bullshit the psychologists and other so-called experts have presented as the reasons they committed the killings. Now people are trying to say the intense bullying they were subjected to wasn’t the cause of what they did and the problems they had were the only cause. The very fact that they had problems makes it even more wrong that they were tormented. They apparently had noone to really turn to with all the stupid, incompetent and indifferent adults they were surrounded by.None is innocent, and if any of people they killed had any part in humiliating them, they deserve what they got. So do the parents who didn’t teach their children to leave people in peace. I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks when I say I hope Dylan and Eric are at peace now.


  9. you guys all need help ( the ones that are in love with eric and dylan) i don’t understand how anyone can get a kick out of killing someone, if you where on of those kids that were killed or injured of if one of you brothers or sisters where any of them would you be saying some of the things you are now! well my older sister was killed bye the ass wholes and i’m glad that there dead they need to rot in hell they had no reason for doing it! no one can figure out why! some of your guy’s reasons of them going on a psycho rampage are the dumbest reasons i have ever heard THEY WERE NEVER BULLYED THEY WERE THE BULLYERS! YOU DUMBASS. you guys are dumb i have never met anyone in my life that sounds as dumb as the ones who are in love with them go to hell if you think that they are all the world needs! omg your dumb


  10. Eric and Dylan were fucking godlike known my Dylan himself anyone who even fucking dares speak bad about them deserves everything the 13 dead fucks got These men knew what they had to do what that school fucking did to them live on Eric and Dylan!


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