However Much It Was, It Wasn’t Enough

Families of Columbine victims settle with gunmen’s parents:

The terms of the settlement were undisclosed but listen to this quote…

The families’ attorney, Barry Arrington, argued that the Klebolds and Harrises were liable for not being aware of or not doing anything about the gunplay and bombmaking activities of their sons.

How anyone can disagree with that statement is beyond me. As far as I’m concerned they should be charged with 13 counts of manslaughter but unfortunately, life isn’t like Law and Order.

2 thoughts on “However Much It Was, It Wasn’t Enough”

  1. The only thing is that the shooters parents have to spend the rest of their lives knowing that they are partially responsible for those 13 deaths as well as the fact that their own children had no respect for any human life including their own.That is a horrible burden to bear for the rest of their days. And I am sure that they would gladly pay any amount of mony to wash away that giult and pain but they will never be able to do it.And these sick little hero worshipers who crop up every now and then would only seem to rub salt in the wounds of any people who who felt the shame and responsibility that parents and family members who had a hand in raising those two sick individuals should feel. Because they looked the other way while this was being planeed.I feel sorry for these people because they learned too late that they were too self absorbed. And too many families paid the ultimate price for their carelessness.R


  2. I know I am probably going to get shit for this but on your site you mention the parents of Harris and Klebold a lot and how they are at fault. I can see where you’re coming from to an extent but also take into account that the Harrises have an older son, Kevin who never did anything to anyone and was even on the football team. The Klebolds have an older son, Byron who has never done anything to anyone. How can this tragedy be because of bad parenting?


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