I guess antiseptic cream makes it ok

Football players charged with hazing at Scott County school:

So four high school football players ranging in age from 16 to 18 forcibly sodomize two 13-year-old freshmen with a broom handle that had been covered with antiseptic cream. Surprisingly, not really, the attackers have not been expelled or suspended. They’ve only been dismissed from the team. What the fuck is wrong here? Why weren’t they expelled on the spot? What the fuck is wrong with educators these days? Did they have all their “balls” removed when they got teaching jobs? It kills me that the educational system has become so PC but yet they still kowtow to the athletic programs. Some assclown New York cops forcibly sodomized a Haitian man with a toilet plunger a few years ago. The ringleader was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Yet these kids get to walk around free after raping two 13-year-olds. Tell me the school system in our country isn’t totally fucked up. I’d love to hear from just one athlete that thinks that this is acceptable behavior. Just one.

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