Columbine Rampart Range Tape Released

Columbine Killers Documented Training on Tape:

A videotape of the two cowardly Columbine Killers, Harris and Klebold, was released today showing them shooting bowling pins and talking about what it would be like to kill real people. The tape was made 6 weeks prior to the Columbine massacre. Let me just quote the article…

The disturbing, 15-minute tape shows Klebold, Harris, another young man and a young woman doing target practice at a makeshift shooting range in a forested area in Douglas County, Colo.

The group can be seen firing several rounds from rifles, shotguns and a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol at bowling pins, trees, and other targets. Police said some of the weapons were used in the Columbine attack.

They can be heard laughing, joking and making cavalier comments about what it would be like if the bowling pins were human heads or bodies.

The video, taken on a shaky handheld camera on a snow-covered hillside in a national forest southwest of Denver, is the first made by the gunmen themselves to be released to the public.

Klebold at one point holds a sawed-off shotgun and shoots from the hip at a bowling pin wedged between two tree limbs. He and Harris then look at a bullet-shredded tree trunk.

Harris also blows across the muzzle of a shotgun like a gunslinger. At least four different weapons are used in the tape.

And the best one of all…

The videotape has never before been made public, though Brooks Brown, one of Klebold’s friends and the son of Judy and Randy Brown, told Fox News that several people had told him the tape was shown before the massacre in Harris’ and Klebold’s video class.

How many more signs did they need? This will go down in history as the most preventable tragedy of our time. I mean between Eric Harris’ journal, his problems with the law, and now this? How much more fucking obvious could it have been to their parents? All they had to do was look in their garage. If they had, more than 13 people would be alive today instead of just being memories. But with any luck, Harris and Klebold would have killed themselves anyway.

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