From the Mail Sack

We get letters…

From my entry on the Eric Harris journal

Well done Eric and dylan. I am very proud of you both and I hope people will be proud of me soon. I am going to do exactly what you did only I am going to kill EVERYONE in my school. I will aim for the heads and the propane bomb that I have made will go off when it is supposed to. Watch the news on the 18th of February ‘cos it’s gone to be a blast – so to speak – when I get back at those little fucking bastards and I hope that I get the same respect as Eric and Dylan. RESPECT 2 YOU GUYS. Hope the school mourns forever.HAHA. Fuck UR wife.Fuck UR kids and FUCK EVERYONE.

Posted by: Cheryl at October 23, 2003 08:41 AM

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Even if this isn’t a legitimate threat you are on sick bitch for even joking around like that. Threats like that can land you in jail. For reasons I can’t get into right now, that’s all I can say about that one.

This one from the same person from my entry on the Eric Harris worship site

What the fuck is wrong with Eric and Dylan’s parents? It isn’t their fault! How many people would honestly expect their kids, no matter how depressed, would blow up their school. Mine wouldn’t! So for all the idiots out there who are blaming the parents, don’t. Eric and Dylan may have killed people but at least they had a reason. Leave the parents alone ‘cos they have lost their kids too.

Posted by: Cheryl at October 24, 2003 06:20 AM

Now this one I can comment on. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with their parents. They weren’t doing their job and because of it, 13 people are dead. I don’t give a rat’s ass that they lost their kids. If they did a better job of keeping up with their own damn kids at least 13 people would be alive today. They had an arsenal in their own garage for crying out loud. If that’s not bad parenting then I don’t know what is.

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