12/28/03 From the Mail Sack

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas/Hannukah. It’s Sunday so let’s dip into the hate mail shall we?

From my entry on the Eric Harris journal

Eric and Dylan, although they were sick, were driven to the edge by society, so don’t fucking blame the parents. I hate all you fucks who blame everything on the parents, and the kids. Society is the sick bastard here, not Eric and Dylan.

Posted by: Anarchist Mafia 627 at November 29, 2003 10:24 PM

Here we go. Blame society. I guess I have to say it again. If the parents had just kept a better eye on their mutant children this tragedy would have been averted and the innocent people that they directly and indirectly killed would still be alive today. I can only dream that those two rat bastards would still be dead by some suicide pact or something.

From the same entry (go figure)…

It’s so long ago, and it didn’t even happen where I live. Yet what happenend on Columbine that day is on my mind every day. Eric and Dylan touched me deep inside. I wonder what must have gone through their minds the 20th, and what they were thinking when they turned the guns on themselves. All I can do is relate. Relate to what they have gone through every day of their fuckig lives. Because of humans. Humans who place the blame entirly on them and their parents. Come one, wake up. Hate comes back to you. In my eyes, everybody got what they deserved. And Eric and Dylan died as symbols of wrath. They left this cruel world in victory…

Posted by raven at November 17, 2003 06:33 AM

If those two little cowardly shits touched you deep inside then you have no fucking soul whatsoever. You know what went through their minds on the 20th? Hot lead. They didn’t leave this world in victory. They left it as two sniveling little cowards hiding behind guns because they didn’t have the balls to do anything else.

These people who worship these two scumbags need to be rounded up and institutionalized. They obviously lost the mental capacity to be a contributing member to this or any society.

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