1/26/04: From the Mail Sack.

I know. I know. It’s Monday and I haven’t gotten to the mail yet. Well, your hero was stranded in an undisclosed location due to the winter storm here in the Carolinas. We’re expecting some freezing rain so I may be absent again. So to make up for lost time here’s the mail.

Can a week go by where I don’t get a comment or e-mail about Columbine? Very rarely. This one is from my entry about the Eric Harris worship site.

I think that you people aren’t looking at why people look at the boys are heros,alot of kids MILLIONS of kids are torcherd in school for being different,and no one not even a teacher does a damn thing. In school there was a girl who beat me up and consantly picked on me to no end. She sits in jail now because she murdered a women with her car repeatedly running her over. Or the girl who lied and said i called her a nigger so she could get away with busting my nose in class while I got suspended for something I would never say. Yu all seem like the type of people who tormented me and my friends in school,I ended up graduating a year and a half yearly to get away from those people.Out in the real world,I am considered a creative and artistic prodigy,who are you to judge what you don’t understand?

you wanna bitch at me or tell me you think I am wrong with valide points (not oh you are a dmubass) email me

Posted by: althea_farmer at January 18, 2004 07:22 PM

Obvious spelling errors aside let me tell you something, Miss Farmer. I and many of my readers were harassed and tortured in school. BUT WE DIDN’T SHOOT UP A SCHOOL. I’m sorry you had such a rough time of it in school but again it’s no reason to kill 13 people. Those two little mutants were not heroes. They were cowards for hiding behind a gun. And let me just say to all the kids in school right now who are thinking about some kind of school violence. It’s not worth it. High school is just a blip on the timeline of your existence. Once you graduate you’ll never have to deal with those people ever again. I hated high school. But once I got out I got over it. And I haven’t seen anyone from there in over 10 years.

This was from my entry about the Mepham football players being sentenced.

I’m a teacher at Mepham and I stumbled onto your website. Do you really believe that if those boys were sentenced to an adult facility they would have been rehabilitated? As americans, we have to trust in our system and judicial system, and believe that they know what is right.

Posted by: rather not say at January 19, 2004 09:57 AM

See. This is what’s wrong with our public school system in America. Screwed up priorities. It isn’t about rehabilitating the offenders. It’s about punishing them. By all definitions, they raped these kids. I guess since they were the star athletes that it’s ok. If you really are a teacher at Mepham you should hand in your resignation. If you were teaching my kids I’d have them pulled out of your school.

This one was from my entry from when Bowling for Columbine was released.

hey u fuckers are dumb this shit u type on here is all bullshit get a girl friend and stop waisting your time looking up porn on the net and get a life

Posted by: Jason at January 19, 2004 03:47 PM

Um…I don’t know what that has to do with the movie unless this guy is a Michael Moore fan. That would explain a lot.

2 thoughts on “1/26/04: From the Mail Sack.”

  1. Robyn, you had a terrible time in High School. Oh, that is so sad. Maybe you should wake up and realise that you know nothing about what school in my countries like. You’re probably a Yank so you have no idea what it’s like here. Eric and Dylan didn’t take the cowards way out, instead they did what every suicidal teen should do.If you are picked in by people in your school and you feel like you want to kill yourself, kill them as well, they caused it, therefore they deserve it. It’s not my fault if people are scared of dying. There is nothing to fear, a lot of people worse than me have died. I think that everyone should kill the people who bully them – that way it would stop.


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