2/15/04: From the Mail Sack

Only one this week and of course it’s from my entry on the Eric Harris journal

I have respect to Eric and dylan for having the balls to show those little bastard who picked on them on how they dress and act and what kinda of music they listened to. Yea they should of gotten more of the people who picked on them but owell .

Posted by: steven at February 14, 2004 06:18 PM

I really need to work on those macros. You know the one that says it does not take balls to shoot an unarmed person. It is the biggest act of cowardice in the world. They didn’t care about “getting” the people who picked on them. They shot random people. They were cowards, plain and simple.

Once again though one of my readers put it better than I ever could…

I just spent like 3 hours going through old entries here and comments here in relation to the Columbine situation. I must say, after reading it that I am even more disturbed than I was before I read it all.

It isn’t so much that there are people out there who think those kids were heroes. Somehow, that crap doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Unfortunate, but true.

It’s the absolute lack of intelligence. Horrible sentences, atrocious spelling, statements made as fact which are truly only opinion (and usually bad ones). Very little actual research done into what these kids had done and where the blame needs to fall (it definitely isn’t just on them, where the hell were their parents?)

When I was in Junior High School I was one of the least popular kids in my school (approximately 900 students) and somehow in high school that changed. So I was lucky. The hell I was put through in Junior High was plenty. But I never ever thought to kill anyone. It’s all part of growing up. It doesn’t now, and never will justify murder.

Maybe if these people had actually learned something in school (like grammar for starters) they’d know that. And the person above who is the parrent (parent) of two beutiful (beautiful) children…all I can say is goddess help those kids if someone filled with such hate and ignorance is raising them

Posted by: me at February 13, 2004 07:51 PM

Well said.

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