Columbine Report Released

Cops Had Many Contacts With Columbine Killers:

15 to be exact according to the report. I mean what more could be said that I haven’t already said about this? If the police had 15 contacts with scumbags Harris and Klebold how many of those 15 times were the parents notified? And out of all the times the parents were notified how many times did they choose to do something?

Do I blame the police? Probably not. Even if the search warrant was executed in 1998 I don’t think that would have changed anything. Having said that I still think Columbine could have been prevented if their parents had just been a little more involved in their lives. If they had just checked up on their own damn kids none of this would have happened. A casual search of their own property would have turned everything up.

Then again even if their parents had found the guns and explosives would they have even done anything about it then?

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