2/29/04: From the Mail Sack

Lots o’ mail this week. From the usual subjects of course.

From the Eric Harris Journal entry

I love Eric and Dylan. They were the best thing that ever happened in this fucking world

Posted by: Samantha at February 23, 2004 03:39 PM

Wow. Who could argue with that staggering logic? I can think of 13 people who would disagree.

And again

I agree with Samantha I love them also on April 20th,1999 they broke a brand new ground for the world. I am in 8th grade now and I am home schooled now I was fucked with a whole lot in school. I was kicked pushed you name it they did it. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold put ther lives on the line. For all of us who have been teased and beat up on to show the world you can not do this anymore and if you look on the news they talk more about school kids getting beat up for no reason. I am sorry they had to shoot up there school I am sorry they had to kill themselfs but they did it for kids next to come behide them like me. I will be in 9th grade next year if they had not done what they did we would still have lots more shit. My mom saw there was a problem with me in school that I could not handle it any longer so she took me out and started to hiome school me. I am not into the whole Jesus and God thing but liek they say god will take care of it and he did he send Eric and Dylan they were to good for this world and they did something that kids like me should be thankful for.

Posted by: Morgan at February 26, 2004 03:52 AM

Harris and Klebold didn’t do anything for you. They only did it for themselves. They were two selfish little bastards who are now rotting in hell. The fact that you’re in 8th grade and worship these clowns is scary. Obviously you’re mom isn’t doing the best job of home schooling you or else she’d put a stop to such behavior. If you’re in 8th grade that makes you about 14. That means you were 9 when Columbine happened. You know nothing of which you speak. Those two scumbags were not too good for this world. The world was too good for them.

And yet again

Ok listen, i am the one Katana you are trashin for wearing a trench coat, i am not going to stop wearing something just b/c people are fucking morons. I am not going to give up on my self bc some fucking eigger has the balls to say something…..also you said you went to my site, when i made that i have a broken arm so dont trash my typin….thank you very much…but going back to the coat, i am not going to stop doing something or wearing something i like because some dumnbass person or some fucking wigger or hick said something, it is not how i am…i mean come on you wwouldnt stop writing bc someone said something would you? no its stupid to think what other people say, i dont let it bother me, i let it fuel me, people who say shit give me things to rant about and make my site more intersting, the people who say shit give me the fuel i need for the fire to burn. But seriously i didnt submit shit to be trashed i liek our wite nad i beleieve in whats on it, so please dont trash me. thx later

Posted by: Katana at February 26, 2004 02:20 PM

That one is gonna make my spell check have a conniption. You want to keep wearing a trench coat to school then that’s fine, but then quit bitching if other people are being assclowns. It’s called inviting trouble on yourself. Have a little common sense.

From last week’s mail sack

Fuck you Trench . And fuck all your scummy , sheepy froends too. And Jim, you are just envious of Eric and Dylan and their beauty and intelligence. They are loved and admired by many, while people turn their eyes away from you on the street.

Posted by: RebandVoDKaWorshipper at February 28, 2004 03:05 PM

This is an old troll of mine. Everybody should have a troll. They’re fun to agitate and they don’t eat much. Anyway, those two scumbags had beauty and intelligence? They were two weasely looking rat bastards who didn’t have the intelligence to sort their own problems out. The spongemonkeys from the Quizno’s ads have more beauty and intelligence than those two scumbags. I can’t wait to see what Jim has to say about this.

Same troll, different entry

Ha Ha! Take that Trench, you stupid fucker. You will NEVER keep all of us Eric and Dylan followers. Our numbers are growing everyday.
Sit back with all your stupid, clone friends while E &D’s worldwide fame continues to grow and they pick up more and more fans .

Posted by: RebandVoDKaWorshipper at February 28, 2004 03:12 PM

Why would I want to keep all of you mutants? I wonder if you’ll keep that attitude once you grow up little girl. I’d love to see what career you get into. I’m guessing flipping burgers. Nah that takes too much intelligence. Drug addicted stripper or prostitute is what it probably will be.

6 thoughts on “2/29/04: From the Mail Sack”

  1. They were trolling me for a while as well, especially since this Nazi-fucker befriended the troll you are talking about. What makes me sick to my stomach is that columbinecafe is also on FictionPress. I saw some of his work –sucks ass. I was going to do a post on Modblog that would be pissing them off even more.


  2. The funny thing about common sence is that the lunatics tend to hate you. Even more exciting is how a person like me could have it harder than good ol dylan and eric, yet seem to be envious of them. IM not sure how I envy them RebandVoDKaWorshipper, they went to the worlds worst low just to die in the end. Their mark on the world looks like a concrete head stone to me. and to top it all off they did it (allegedly) because they were picked on. oh boooo fucking hoooooo. pooor little eric and dylan. the big bad jocks gonna get ya in hell too. The thing I love the best (and Trench will agree with me here) is that none of these weasly, pimple faced, big mouthed, eric/dylan fans would say two fucking words to us on the street (less they had a gun) because they are far weaker than their words. and their words arent all that tough.


  3. sponge-monkeys, rats, whatever they are still funny as hell. IM not sure if its just because of the humor or that IM such a loser… but I have that song stuck in my head all the time.


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