It’s only High School

Authorities: Lely students drew on Columbine for planned attack:

I’m not going to get on the parents this time since very little material was found. Tonight I’ll just use this time to tell kids in high school that it’s not worth it. High school is just a blip of your existence. It’s just four years. That may seem like a lot to you now but trust me it isn’t.

I hated my high school. Got picked on every day. Didn’t shoot the place up or threaten to blow it up. I just bided my time and then got the hell out of there. Haven’t looked back since. Hell, I haven’t even seen anyone from my high school in over 10 years.

The people who hate high school turn out to be more normal than the ones who relish over it. I mean the one who loved high school are the ones who usually retain that high school mentality throughout the rest of their lives. Who really wants to be that guy?

By the way doesn’t the third kid look like a fat Vinnie Vincent?

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