A Sad Day of Death

Columbine tragedy spawns card game:

Tip of the old hat to Darcie for bringing this one to my attention. This is just un-fucking-believable. Some assclown from Texas has decided to try and make money by making a card game based on the Columbine massacre. Check out his reasoning behind it…

But Andy Richey insisted Wednesday he’s not trying to get rich.

Instead, Richey said he wants to use the money from sales of “Columbine, the Massacre” to go out of the United States and buy a kidney for someone who needs a transplant.

“It’s just to balance out my karma,” Richey said by telephone from Arlington, Texas, where he lives.

Balance out your karma? You have to got be fucking kidding me. You’re just begging to have your ass run over by the karma train 13 times. There are other ways to raise money if it actually is for a foreign transplant patient. This is nothing more than blood money. I hope you rot in hell.

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