4/25/04: From The Mail Sack

Well it seems the mutants have picked up the pace. From, as usual, the Eric Harris Journal entry

People =shit: what Eric and Dylan was 100% justifiable! They were picked on and belittled,ridiculed and made to feel minuscule.

They needed a excuse to kill and they found it at the place they hated most their school.The people they killed were not inocent what animale is.They wanted to kill and the people who hurt them was a good place to start.

If you dont agree with me you are wrong fucked and overrated you ignorrant worthless waste of skin.

your time will come.

Comment by joey — Wednesday Apr 21, 2004 @ 12:39 am

Joey is my newest troll. There is no real proof that they were picked on and so what if they were. Again, no reason to kill 13 random people. The people they killed didn’t really even know them. Your heroes are cowards which makes you a coward as well.

Again from the same entry

ok SHUT UP i knew Eric i met him in an airport until about year ago i didnt put two and two together when i foudn out it snapped and i have been trying to get closure ever sinse. HE WAS THE BEST he was a totally sweet guy i cant say the same for Dylan only because i never got the chance to know him, i am only 14 Eric was 7 years older than me. but he talked with me anyway i met him 6 years ago and have missed him ever since. HE WAS TRUELY A TEREFFIC HUMAN BEING. AND I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE FOR HIM IN MY HEART. Eric you did what u did for your own reasons, i wish i coulda had more time wiht you but i guess thats the way things go. Mr. Harris and Mrs. Harris and Kevin who can forget Kevin i love you all so much. i think about him every day too so know that your not alone. you are both excelent parents and u never did anything wrong wiht raising him. ERIC I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN BECAUSE GOD EVEN THOUGH U DIDNT BELIEVE IN HIM THAT MUCH DID FORGIVE YOU SO I WILL SEE YA UP THERE GREAT BUDDY IM SURE WIHT DYLAN AND MIKE AS WELL. NOT SOON BUT I WILL BE WIHT YOU AGAIN SOONER THAN WE BOTH THINK. for those of u stuck up bitches who wont look at both views of the story know this. Eric Harris would take days offa work to stay home when his dog was sick because h would get ceisures, does that seem like a killer to you? i dont htink so well ERIC i will pray for you every night god bless love always your friend and confedant ~Hannah~

Comment by ~Hannah~ — Thursday Apr 22, 2004 @ 1:31 am

Well at least my trolls are good for something. They pointed out that through the numbers it’s impossible that she met Eric Harris. Anyway Hannah you are a sick bitch. God does not forgive those who do not repent. Those two little cowardly pieces of shit are burning in hell as we speak. Keep that in your thoughts and seek help.

And again

i idalize then two boys–they have created the greatest school massacre in the century–they will never be forgotten–and yes, this is afucked up world–but smile and realize that there are fucked up people in it to!– if i had a chance i would go back–4/19/99–and i will tell VoDKa and Reb to check the bomb–they might not be on that hill to be remembered–but trust me–in me and my brothers eyes–they are the greatest two people that have ever walked this planet (except charles manson of course)..and being picked on and bullied was not the cause of this massacre–it was PLEASURE–pure fun–very enjoyable..and yet i wonder how eric was left handed and shot himself–*cough cough* KibbZ i wonder how that is possible?–im me– adustofdesire

Comment by Das Hat Ein Vorlerons Schwester — Thursday Apr 22, 2004 @ 9:59 pm

Oh and you’re a Manson worshipper. That just figures. If those two rat bastards are the two greatest people who ever lived in your eyes then just do the world a favor and kill yourselves now. Join your heroes.

And yet again

You all except for NBK reb and reb the natural born killer need to stop bitching about Eric and Dylan… Christ you didn’t even know them. In truth Eric and Dylan were really cool (well at least Eric was i could care less about Dylan) sure Dylan had problems and Eric may have been a little too into bombs but all around they were really cool guys… I love REB and he will be in my heart forever and always… I LOVE YOU REB!!

Comment by REB’S girl — Friday Apr 23, 2004 @ 9:01 pm

I love all these people who claim they met these two little shits. If everyone who claims to have met them actually met them they would have been the most popular guys in Colorado at the time. Again I Say if you love them so much do us all a favor and go join them.

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