6/13/04: From The Mail Sack

Has it been that long since I last did the mail sack? Well I’ve got plenty to make up for it.

From my entry on the Columbine Death Photos

Eric and Dylan were two people, the same as everyone else. Yes, there is school violence everywhere, but they had the balls to take the next step and make people pay for the pain and torture that was caused. I know that I did not know either of them personally, but I believe I know how they felt. Every day there is someone being broken down by people who show no shame in hurting others. I have a feeling that some day those kids are going to get revenge. That’s just how life is. What comes around, goes around. You hurt, and get hurt. Get over it. Anyone who doesn’t see that is just fucking dense. Thank you and have a nice day. Please respond, I’d love to read what you have to say!

Comment by Sammi — Wednesday Jun 2, 2004 @ 8:53 am

Here was my response…

Ok, you asked for it. It doesn’t take balls to shoot and kill 13 unarmed people. The whole theory about them being harassed by jocks has not been proven. Tell me their names if they were harassed by jocks. You can’t because it didn’t happen. Harris was a psychopath pure and simple. High school is a blip of your entire existence. Being harassed is no reason to shoot anyone. A lot of us including me were harassed in school but we didn’t shoot anyone. You need serious help.

Comment by Trench — Wednesday Jun 2, 2004 @ 9:04 am

What gets me is that this came from a public school district in Maryland. I e-mailed them to let them know what one of their students was up to. I wonder if they did anything about it.

Then there’s this one from my entry about Matthew Lovett being sentenced. The comment came from the same Maryland school district…

I think that people like this kik ass… espicially Eric Harris!!!! Hes my hero. if there is one person in the world that i could meet if i had the opportunity, he would be it. i just wish i had the chance to or at least went to school with him at that time. u know its pretty sad when your hero, the one person u would look up to is dead! well i guess im done for now but this Matthew guy doesnt seem to bad either

Comment by Jerika — Thursday Jun 3, 2004 @ 12:26 pm

No, what’s really sad “Jerika”…if that’s your real name then I feel sorry for you…is that your “hero” is a psychopathic coward who killed 13 unarmed, random people. I seriously hope your school comes down on you like a ton of bricks. It seems to be the thing to do lately. Spellcheck wouldn’t kill you either.

And, surprise surprise, one from my entry on the Eric Harris Journal

Those two people you are calling ’scum bags’ were actually part of the human race. What they did may have been wrong but everyone does wrong and it was wrong that people bullied Eric and Dylan…KLEBOLD spell it right. The parents were not to blame for what happened…it was the boys choice and they were old enough to make the decission themselves. Most parents do not feel the need to search their childs room for guns and pipe bombs. Its not a crime that they gave trust to their son, (Eric) it’s just a crime that people like you don’t understand that they were hurt to. Not only by the death of their son, but for the damage that they caused to other families. The parents of Dylan and Eric cannot be blamed for this crime. No one knew what was going on other than them. warning signs are only obviouse once it has happened and that just happenes to be the case. I no how it feels to be bullied by people that think their so much greater than you. I also know how it feels to want to show them all the pain youve kept inside for so long. Reb and voDKa RIP

Comment by Jema Vile — Wednesday Jun 9, 2004 @ 8:27 am

Ok, pay attention people. I’m going to go through this again. There is no proof they were bullied. Even if they were it’s still no excuse. And while it may not be an “on the books” crime to keep better tabs on your kids it’s a crime against responsibility that Eric Harris’ parents allowed an arsenal to be built under their roof undetected. Why should they have trusted him as he gave them no reason to through past actions? While Harris and KLIEBOLD are ultimately responsible for their crime, their parents are responsible for not doing anything to stop it. Harris and Klebold are not the poster children for the victims of bullying. They are the poster children for cowardice and yes they are scumbags. I’m sorry if you’re being bullied but if you want to show your tormentors something show them that you’re better than them by doing better than them. Trust me when I say that living well is the best revenge. If you can’t handle that then seek psychological help.

“Jerika”…couldn’t your parents decide between either Jennifer or Erika so they named you Jerika…strikes again. This time on my entry about the kids that were suspended for having photos of Harris and Klebold

What the fuck is wrong with having pictures of your heros…well i dunno if they were the heros of those girls but theyre mine. i have many pictures and journal entries saved on my school computer, thats where i am now by the way, and i havent heard anything about it yet when the admin can easily look up in my files. GOD! this just shows how pathetic our govt and school systems really are. they just need to chill the fuck out!!!

Comment by Jerika — Thursday Jun 10, 2004 @ 9:16 am

There’s nothing wrong with it unless your heroes are mass murderers. I guess I need to send another e-mail to your school system considering you basically just confessed to your psychopathic crap. They don’t need to chill out, they need to put you in a room with padded walls.

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