7/11/04: From The Mail Sack

You let the mail pile up for a month and this is what happens. Go the bathroom or get your snacks now because we’re in for a long haul today.

Our first warm fuzzy piece of love was from my entry on Matthew Lovett being sentenced

:???:I go to Collingswood school. I see alot of things. I heard about lovett ( I am new). Everyone agrees that he was severely harrassed. Do you know what that’s like, Trench? I don’t think you do. I think, by the way you judge this guy, that you are one of those that DOES the harrassing. I’m not saying thats reason enough, but give him some slack. Read your comments…they seem pretty VIOLENT to me, so you shouldn’t be talking.

Comment by Lightseeker — Monday Jun 14, 2004 @ 11:37 pm

My response was…

Actually I was harrassed in school but you know what? I got over it. It’s no reason to take up arms and start killing people. And let’s not forget this kid made his friends refer to him as “Neo” or “The One”. It’s obvious he had mental problems. I think the harrassment was just an excuse and was looking for a reason to start shooting people. And please show me where my comments are VIOLENT.

Comment by Trench — Tuesday Jun 15, 2004 @ 12:03 am

I love agreeing with me.

Wow, I never get comments on this entry. It’s from the one about the Eric Harris Journal

Yes, I like their music and Rammstein’s, too. Those bands are awesome but to get things straight – I don’t listen to them because Eric and Dylan liked did. I heard this kind of music way before I got to know about Columbine. Furthermore I think what Eric and Dylan did was wrong but I don’t hate them for it either. Life can be bitch and god knows that so many people are out there who think they own the world, which makes me mad as well….but killing them isn’t the right thing to do. I was never bullied …maybe a small tease here and there but that was rare actually and I think everone has to “endure” that. So I can call myself lucky at least in this case. Anyway…I still can imagine what Eric and Dylan have gone through and it was society which wronged them, not only the jocks at school. I understand that they wanted revenge for nor being accepted, for not being able to show their true capabilities, and for everthing else that just didn’t go as planned. But they had only a couple of weeks left before they would have graduated. They could have moved on. Another city. Different people. High School is one thing, college another. I may have a clue as to why they did it…but I don’t know why they just didn’t say: 3-4 more weeks and all you guys can just kiss our ass because we’re going to get a good job, since we have the brains and you can kick your football until you’re old.

…Well, another thing is…since the ones who are to blame for this massacre in the first place are dead…people are searching for scapegoats and it’s not nice to put the burden onto Eric and Dylan’s parents. They suffered enough. They lost their kids, too and have to take the knowledge to their graves that THEIR sons killed 13 humans. I heard that they searched the rooms from time to time but Dylan and Eric were not stupid. They may have left everthing in plain view on 4/20 because it didn’t matter anymore whether their parents found bomb making material or ammo but the months before they tried everything to keep the stuff hidden. Eric was grounded several times because of the things he did, don’t know about Dylan. What were the parents supposed to do? Cage them? It’s easy to say that they should have seen what was going on and that there were so many warning signs. After something has happened everything seems so obvious. It’s always like that. But I don’t think that their parents would have guessed that the guys planned a massacre. Who could imagine their own flesh and blood to go out and shoot people? The Harris’ and the Klebold’s TRUSTED their sons.

Comment by Jenna — Friday Jun 25, 2004 @ 5:49 pm

And look where TRUSTING their sons got them. 13 people are dead because of their TRUST. It wasn’t TRUST anyway. It was DENIAL. They didn’t want to believe that their kids were bad kids. Should they have caged their kids? On this instance, yes. Realistically however they should have kept a tighter reign on them. Harris’ mental problems were well documented and couldn’t stay out of trouble. The Klebolds should have kept their mutant offspring away from Harris. You just don’t TRUST a psychopath.

And again from the Eric Harris Journal entry

I admire what Harris and Klebold did. As for killing innocent people, if the students who watched and did nothing to stop the harrassment of harris and klebold. The are just as guilty, as those who did the actual harrassing.

In WWII, the german people did nothing to stop the killing of 6 million people, very few took up arms to eliminate the threat to humanity.

So if they took up arms to kill the harrassers, well. Soldiers and those who think they are “Warriors” deserve what happens to them.

Comment by ross — Thursday Jul 1, 2004 @ 12:12 am

So let me get this straight. You’re comparing the extermination of millions of Jews by the Nazi’s to two little high school kids getting picked on. That would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. I guess fanatics will use any skewed hypothesis to support their obviously flawed argument.

Another one from the sentencing of Matthew Lovett

Matthew, was not fantisizing at all. He knows exactly what he wanted to do and he was going for. He thinks like me. Its diversity. Diversity is like a graph. Some ppl are at 10, 9. Others are at -10, -9. The ppl that are opposite of each other dont get along, and sometimes hate each other. Matthew and I are very similar. I think I could tell you almost every thought that went through his head. He was tatood by society as a freak. therefor everyone hated him. Anyone who has been hated by a mass group of ppl knows that its a horrible feeling. The longer it lasts, the more your mind decays. You may have once thought that all people are caring and you should try your best to be the person who opens ppls eyes and shows them how to accept others even though theyre different. After one year, you may decide that you hate eveyone, there is no hope for a better life and everyone deserves to die. Ill bet that what happened to Matthew. But he has gone throughmore than 1 year of depression. Hes probally gone through 4 years of bastards that yell “freak” when they see him. He carried a bat with him to make sure that no1 fucked w/ him.

Sure, everyone gets picked on at somepoint in their life, but you will never understand until it happens to you. When you feel like that 1 person who picked on you for so long, should be tortured to an unspeakable death, then you know how he and many other who are too afraid to do anything major, feel.

Comment by SeVaS — Saturday Jul 10, 2004 @ 1:00 pm

And same entry same person…

EVERYONE: The next person that picks on you, dont take it out on some1 else. Grab that bastard by his collar and smash his fucking face in to the concrete. Then you can drown him in his own blood. The way things are today, violence IS the answer. Ppl dont listen. Trust me. Ive tried it.

Comment by SeVaS — Saturday Jul 10, 2004 @ 1:11 pm

Where does everyone get off thinking that I was never excluded or harassed. Sorry kids. I was right there with you. And yeah, it sucks. Probably one of the worst pains ever. Still no excuse to go on a killing spree. Violence is not the answer. Decent parenting is. In most cases of school shooting plots carried out or otherwise, a parent’s guidance could have prevented all of it. Instead, we have parents who want to be their kids’ buddies. Which is fine but there comes a time when you have to stop being a friend and be a parent. Listen to your kids’ problems. Don’t just brush it off as “growing pains”. Don’t be afraid to take it to the school if there is a bullying problem. If the school doesn’t do anything about it take it to the media. Tell everyone who will listen. If they have mental problems get them professional help and stick with it. Just don’t brush it off. Unless you want your kid to end up in jail or dead like so many others. Don’t have the “not my kid” mentality.

Now from my entry about the Eric Harris worship site

Hi, Reading some of the comments on this page made me laugh. Anyway, for all you people who say “They were evil” and stuff, your opinions are classic for the sort of people E & D were gunning for. YOu see, it’s easy to say they were evil, it deflects the blame from you and people like you and back onto the true victims. Saying they’re evil is too easy. You’re the sort of people that probably read the headlines on papers but never the full article. YOu conform to society and take what it has to say. We will always be full of hate when there are people like you around. Eric and Dylan aren’t “burning in hell” as one of you morons wanted t put it. They rejected God but he still loves them. God knows they were victims too, even if you don’t.

Comment by Merlin — Saturday Jul 10, 2004 @ 4:51 pm

You know, it gets old after a while. Harris and Klebold were not victims. They were two mentally disturbed individuals who decided to make their sick fantasies a reality. The “non-conformist” crap you talk about is a joke. Everybody conforms to something whether they like it or not. You’ve just chosen to conform to all the mutants out there who worship these two assclowns as heroes. God may still love them but God also knows they need to be punished for their sins. Therefore they are burning in hell as we speak.

Lastly I got this one in my e-mail with the subject of “who killed who?”…

This is from: daletoronto9@hotmail.com Dale(

Who killed whom??

It is a fact that over 900 rounds were fired at Columbine high school on April 20 1999.

The record shows that Eric and Dylan fired around 177 rounds. So that means that Police and other law enforcement agencies fired the rest. What and who were the Police shooting at?

The Police reports say Eric and Dylan killed themselves, so whom were the cops shooting at. How could highly trained SWAT team members and Police fire over 700 rounds at Eric and Dylan and not hit them once?

Were innocent students killed by Police fire and the deaths blamed on Eric and Dylan?

To put it bluntly um….no. According to this article by CNN police only fired 141 rounds. None of which hit any students. And according to this from CNN Harris and Klebold fired 188 rounds. For a whopping total of 329 rounds fired. The only places I saw that laid claim to 900 rounds were a faulty TIME Magazine report and *gasp* Bowling For Columbine. And as we all know King of All Assclowns Michael Moore never lies. The only site I could find that backs up your story is some conspiracy theory site that says that the government knew Columbine was going to happen before it happened. You and my lizard friend from above need to be sharing the same padded room. Mutants will spin any amount of lies they want to defend their cowardly heroes. When all is said and done they’re just like they’re heroes. Cowards who only live through the blood-soaked fantasies of others. You people who worship and defend Harris and Klebold are aberrations of humanity and for the most part, you will never amount to anything. Get the help that you truly need.

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