7/25/04: From The Mail Sack

Only one piece of hate mail this week. I must be slipping. It was left as a private message in my guestbook and you can’t make private messages public, unfortunately. Anyway, here it is. Be forewarned there is some rough language ahead…

From: toby

Location: a land far far away(thank fuckin god

eric and dylan wer victims too. im not in anyway defending what they did because I BELIEVE it was wrong, at the same time i can relate to it all. you cant honestly tell me you dont regret not killing your classmates. so all you fucks badmouthing them remember RESPECT THE DEAD!! ALL OF THE DEAD!!!! that includes those who may not be as worthy of our sympathy. so wake up and smeel your governments cum around your mouth, and wipe it of bitch coz you are all low and just as worthless as you believe eric and dylan.ignor the BULLSHIT propaganda you see on the tv and hear on the radio if you in the states you in a land of lies and hypocrisy if you believe what they tell you then you are not worth the ground you walk on. SEE YOU IN HELL. toby

As usual, the lack of intelligence by these mutants astonishes me. What I need to do is put some kind of like FAQ that says that Harris and Klebold were not victims and that I have yet to see any proof of them being harassed. I mean if they were harassed by a particular group of people or an individual don’t you think we would have heard of them by now. Don’t you think people would be blaming them for causing them to snap? Don’t you think people would be like “You’re the reason they killed 13 people.”? Instead, the mutants blame it on the ever-vague “jocks” label. I can honestly tell you that I don’t regret not killing my classmates because it was almost 20 years ago and I’ve moved on. I got out of that state while many of them are still living in the same place they were in high school. And for someone who says that America is so bad and supposedly speaks the queen’s English your vocabulary just proves how ignorant and misguided you are.

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