8/1/04: From the Mail Sack

It’s Sunday and we have plenty of love to go around.

First from my entry on the Eric Harris worship site

Some of you talk about bullying like you understand it. Klebold and Harris killed themselves, that’s what real bullying does to you. A lot of people who get bullied to far kill themselves, the only difference with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris is that they took some of the fuckers with them. And as for the ‘innocents’, to victims of bullying the crowd that laugh along with the bullies are just as bad as the bully themselves. Trenchcoat you are just another shithead who doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. Me I’d treat bullies the way Hitler treated the Jews, but a lot crueller, and I‘d probably sell the remains back to the schools as food. And surely its the parents that allow their kids to grow up as bullies that should be forbidden from breeding.

Klebold and Harris are/were almost hero’s.

:twisted:Speaking as someone who has been bullied, the life of a bully is worth less than a single piece of my sh*t, after I‘ve flushed it, and the only reason I‘m not hacking them to pieces is that I don’t want to annoy the police or go to prison or anything! And as someone who knows Marilyn Manson’s history I know he must have felt the same thing even if he didn’t choose to say so.

– The soul of goth

Comment by Robert Lucien — Wednesday Jul 28, 2004 @ 2:23 am

Tell me O wise one what I don’t understand about bullying. I was bullied my entire time in school. But guess what Sparky? I got over it. Harris and Klebold were/are not almost heroes. They would have been heroes if they had done something rational and legal to combat bullying. Instead, they’re just two pathetic cowards burning in hell who are worshipped by someone who is in obvious need of psychiatric help and whose parents obviously don’t care enough about their child’s life.

From the same mutant responding to this comment from the same entry

Comment to suzy only. I’d treat you like you treat me. I’d cut your stupid breasts off with a Stanley knife, then I’d slowly skin you alive, and see how much noise I could get out of you. I won’t worry about causing you pain , your pain will be my pleasure.

Every time you shout the word faggot at someone on the street I want you to think about me or someone else slicing those breasts off, in fact I think I’ll find a gay friend who’s into butchery and have an intestine fight with him. I want you to have nightmares about gays playing sex games with your insides.

Yours with love Robert

Comment by Robert Lucien — Wednesday Jul 28, 2004 @ 3:34 am

This is your rational and sane person that think Klebold and Harris were heroes. You have free medicine over there in the UK. How about taking advantage of it before you hurt yourself.

Of course we have one from the Eric Harris Journal

I think that what Eric and Dylan did wasn’t cruel at all.

Have you seen Elephant? Can’t you feel what they could’ve felt?

And if they were so cruel, how come they hated people who hurt animals?

And did you read all the journals? Couldn’t you see how genius Eric and Dylan were? Sometimes everybody feels like killing…





Comment by RDK-MEH — Wednesday Jul 28, 2004 @ 11:51 am

What is with a lot of the mutants using initials? Anyway, I reported this to the mutant’s ISP in the Netherlands, Now whether or not those whoring stoners did anything about it is another story. Yes, I have seen Elephant and it bored the crap out of me. I don’t care if they hated people who hurt animals. They killed 13 unarmed random innocent people. Harris and Klebold were not geniuses. One was a psychopath and the other was his lackey. And they were both cowards.

From the same mutant on my entry about Clinton speaking at Columbine

you’re a scumbag yourself motherfucker

:] it’s that… I’ll suprise yah later for what you just said

you retarted bitch … 🙂

Comment by RDK-MEH — Wednesday Jul 28, 2004 @ 12:09 pm

Typical mutant tactic. Threatening through anonymous channels. Come to think of it isn’t that a form of bullying? Isn’t that what your “heroes” hated? So you’re bullying me just like your “heroes” were bullied. Hypocrisy can be so rewarding sometimes.

Same mutant, this time he left the same comment not only on my guestbook but also at my entry on the Eric Harris journal


Trench says The lack of intelligence that emits from these mutants is mind boggling.

So you think it’s pretty “cool” to talk shit like this, I see you’re a retarted old bitchin’ man without a social life and talking fucking stuff you can’t ever understand.

Talking about intelligence; can’t see any coming from you. Won’t even ask how low your IQ is, if you would have a intelligent mind you wouldn’t even start a site like this one. And no not because it fucking says shit like how cruel Eric and Dylan were, but because intelligent people don’t do sites like this. They would start a educational site. To show us your knowledge. This is bullshit man.

Even my four year old little sister gets bored by shit like this, and knowing a 35 year old guy wrote it she wouldn’t stop laughin’. You’re a male-bitch being ignored by the world cause no one cares about your opinion. Your wife sleeps with your best friend and your boss just fired you, so you came home while fucking yourself starting a site like this…. You make me puke. You make feel pity for you…




So you couldn’t understand how Eric and Dylan felt, at the time they did the Columbine thing you were having your midlife-crisis, and they were having teenage-problems. If you hate them so much why have you started a site about them anyway, guess you are pretty interested. Wasn’t smart to put your ass information (e-mail address and marital status) on the internet cause you bet your ass I’ll leave you a little suprise.

You ugly assfuck…

Comment by rebel — Wednesday Jul 28, 2004 @ 12:30 pm

Rebel huh? How original. Youth really is wasted on the young, isn’t it? There are these things that come with age called experience and wisdom. Both of which you are obviously severely lacking. My favorite part of this comment is where the mutant says “intelligent people don’t do sites like this. They would start a educational site.’ A educational site? I don’t know. A lot of people tend to think my site is AN educational one. They get taught that murderer worshipping mutants like you actually exist. And of course, they close it out with more vague and anonymous threats. Yeah, I’ll be losing sleep over that. You shouldn’t pity me. I’ve got a pretty nice life. I’ve got a family who cares about me. Sounds like to me that you have neither of those. It must really suck to be you.

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