8/8/04: From The Mail Sack

It’s Sunday. We have a slew of hate mail but I’m kind of disappointed because it’s all from the same person. They might say they’re from different people but every single last one has the identical IP address. So let’s begin this week’s mutantfest that I like to call “Portrait of a Dutch Boy(girl)”…

From my guestbook…

From: Nina

FUNNY! How you Trench even pay attention to people who worship Eric and Dylan! You REALLY know how to be a big time loser don’t you? So almost everyone who visits this ugly site of you lacks intelligance except for you.. aha sure.. well guess what I think every single person who insulted you here is RIGHT! I hope it happens to your own FUCKING UGLY SHIT KIDS! I hope you could see them burn and die without doing anything about it!!

Such an INTELLIGENT argument isn’t it? I just may be the only person paying attention to Harris and Klebold worshipping mutants. That’s too bad really because more parents need to know that they may have kids that worship these cowardly killers. It really is a shame that your parents obviously don’t care enough about you to do anything about it. I guess parenting in Holland is just as bad as it is here.

Again from the guestbook…

From: Missy

Oh my god, Eric and Dyland God Bless their souls!

God let America and specially their president die and burn in hell.

So you hate all Americans but your heroes were American. Yeah, that makes sense.

Also from the guestbook…

From: Zehra

I hope the columbine thinghappens again. And for dumbasses who start to talk about “how they got OVER being bullied” You were probably one of those guys who tried to get friends with the bully and when you failed and got bullied yourself, your ugly bitch mom searched for home-education for you… so THAT’S HOW YOU GOT OVER IT WHEN YOU WERE IN (so-called) “HIGH-SCHOOL”! -.-‘ aaaw how sad..

No, we got over it by graduating and never looking back. One day your mutant brain may grasp the concept that high school is not the end all and be all of your existence.

Yet again from the guestbook…

From: Eric&Dylan Rule

Trench, I don’t really care about whatever you say..cause it’s bullshit anyway. It’s just that even if you have a site like this, I don’t think it can stop things like the Columbine high happening…Cause it’s already in plan now.. and watch it happen all over again.. very soon. And yeaah you bet your ass you’ll get involved somehow 😉

It’s not my job to try and stop things like Columbine from happening again. That’s up to parents, educators, and law enforcement. However if I can help them out in anyway I will. And it seems they’re doing a pretty good job since the majority of school shootings since then have been prevented.

This next one was left on my entry about The Eric Harris Journal but it was actually a response to last week’s Mail Sack. Obviously mutants have no idea how the concept of debate works. Anyway…

Rebel huh? [Yeah something your ass won’t be able to call himself cause it’s to fucking girly to be.]

How original. [DUH, when YOu can’t find something else rather than “trench” —> trenchcoat maffia” it doesn’t mean no one else is original! ]

Youth really is wasted on the young isn’t it? [At least not as wasted and screwed as you probably]

There’s these things that come with age called experience and wisdom. Both of which you are obviously severely lacking. [Please why are you so full of yourself, now let’s talk about how LOW your IQ really is] My favorite part of this comment is where the mutant [Mutant.. OH THTA’S something elvis said rrright?? Yeah you’re back from that time!! hahha sorry!!] says “intelligent people don’t do sites like this. They would start a educational site.’ A educational site? [Yeah you know, where people LEARN something about things] I don’t know. A lot of people tend to think my site is AN educational one. [oh you mean people like yourself, who HAVE NO IDEA what the real life is about and just start to fucking talk about shit things thy don’t even understand.. please just shut the fuck up…] They get taught that murderer worshipping mutants like you actually exist. [Worshipping and agreeing is something else] And of course they close it out with more vague anonymous threats. [DUH, we’re not as stupid as your ass to put our own name now are we.. *sigh* when you’re going to “suprise” someone, are you THAT stupid to put yah name already on it..? You probably are..] Yeah, I’ll be losing sleep over that. You shouldn’t pity me. I’ve got a pretty nice life.[ Welllll, if you’re happy with being a scumbag like you.. yeah than you could call it a “pretty nice life, but most of the people see it as a NERD] I’ve got a family who cares about me. [HAHAHAHAHAAAA, yeah your wife who pretends loving you, while she’s a bitch and sleeping with the guy next-door] Sounds like to me that you have neither of those. [Indeed, THANK GOD I’M NOT YOU!] It must really suck to be you. [Didn’t I already told you not to b so full of yourself!! It must really suck to be YOU..]

Comment by Lara — Monday Aug 2, 2004 @ 10:41 am

If you had paid attention you’d know that my using the pseudonym TheTrenchcoat pre-dated any negative stigma that might be carried with it. So if you think about it I was the original. Anyone who calls themselves Rebel really isn’t one and is just another conforming sheep. And again I ask where is your educational site? The only thing I’ve learned from you so far is how obvious it is that no one cares about you and that’s just sad. I have no idea what real life is like? Whatever sister. You’re the one living in a blood-soaked fantasy world where killers are heroes. I don’t know what kind of medical system they have in Holland but try and get yourself some mental help. And just because you don’t leave your name on threats doesn’t mean they can’t be traced back to you. By the way, I’m not conceited, I’m convinced.

One more from the guestbook which again is replying to last week’s Mail Sack

From: VoDKa#2

What is with a lot of the mutants using initials? Anyway, I reported this to the mutant’s ISP in the Netherlands, Now whether or not those whoring stoners did anything about it is another story. Yes, I have seen Elephant and it bored the crap out of me. I don’t care if they hated people who hurt animals. They killed 13 unarmed random innocent people. Harris and Klebold were not geniuses. One was a psychopath and the other was his lackey. And they were both cowards.

You’ve seen Elephant and it bored the crap out of you… well off course it does when you only watch Disney movies like snowhite and Pinnocio. So it seems to me that you didn’t understood what the movie was about, for someone hating Eric and Dylan, you should understand it better than anyone else. By the way… how could a dumbfuck like you understand it…so I do understand somewhere it isn’t completely your fault..! Oh and about you being someone who understands how it feels to be ignored and bullied. Well you should shut your big ass fucking mouth, and YOU CAN’T possibly LEARN others how BAD it is to be heartless, by saying: you don’t CARE they hated people who hurt animals it seems to me that you’re pretty heartless yourself you faggot.

So now you’re saying a human’s live is actually moe worth than a poor animal? well guess what, if you’re trying to become a christian try harder cause if the church accepts you, God won’t. He made us all equal, man and animal…

I pity you SO much.. You are a coward yourself, for not accepting someone else, and the pain someone can feel…

So now instead of Rebel you’re calling yourself Vodka#2 now. Again, how original. Yep, not only did Elephant bore the crap out of me so did Bang Bang You’re Dead. Its not that I didn’t understand them, they were just very poorly made movies. I know what it WAS like to be bullied. But as I keep saying, myself and countless other people who were bullied had the mental capacity not to kill 13 people. If you can’t comprehend that then there is no hope for you.

Lastly from my entry about the Eric Harris worship site and this time it’s actually on topic…

Then there’s a picture of a slut in leather with a swastika armband. Tell me this chick ain’t a sick fuck? Listen little girl if you took the time to read the TOP PART OF MY SITE you would know who the fuck I am. You need some serious time in an asylum.

Be honest to yourself; you were just SO dissed by that girl, so you couldn’t stand it and said something like this. Owh and @ Madcunt; YOU ARE SO RIGHT! That nickdick guy HAHAH you’re being dissed as well and what is it with you, people dissin’ trench and when trench is too stupid to answer himself, you start talking. You’re his bitch aren’t you?? YEAH I knew it.. omg how much do you get paid? Oh I know; you’re doing it for free.. omfg.. I’d LOVE to worship Eric and Dylan rather than be Trench’s bitch like you are :]

Comment by VoDKa#2 — Tuesday Aug 3, 2004 @ 2:13 pm

This one is so easy. I’ll just quote my favorite source, myself. From that same entry…

I feel like I’m repeating myself here but Harris and Klebold were cold-blooded killers. They killed 13 innocent people. Most of us were harassed in school but we didn’t kill anybody over it. Eric Harris’ parents failed in their job as parents. They should be forcibly sterilized so they don’t reproduce again. Harris and Klebold are not people to be worshipped or idolized or even sympathized. What makes me even sicker is that there are other people out there like this sick bitch that have signed the guestbook. The only solace I take in a site like this is that Harris and Klebold are burning in hell.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh wait. I did.

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