Columbine Evidence To Be Released

Columbine evidence is ruled public information:

The sub-headline says it all doesn’t it. “The families of the two killers wanted the diaries and videos kept private. A slain student’s parents feel differently.” I don’t understand why this stuff wasn’t made public a while ago. The only way I could see them not releasing the evidence into public record is if there was still a criminal investigation going on against someone involved with the Columbine shootings. Personally I don’t like the idea that the media thinks they have the right to view anything they want, like the Dale Earnhardt autopsy photos, but in this case, they’re right. The families of the 13 victims have every right to view every last piece of this material. But of course, not everyone wants the material released. Care to take a guess who?

The killers’ parents have fought release of the documents, saying it might trigger copycat episodes. Their attorneys didn’t return calls.

Translation: Please don’t release these records or you’ll see what lousy parents we are. “Might be” copycat episodes? Where the hell have they been? Since their two mutant offspring killed 13 people there have been scores of copycat episodes. Luckily most were averted before anybody could be hurt or killed. Not to mention the scores of Klebold and Harris worshiping mutants that leave their bouts of mental masturbation on my site. It’s obvious that the Harris’ and especially the Klebolds don’t want it to get out that guns were being purchased and bombs were being manufactured under their watch. Do you think I’m the only one who thinks that? Think again…

Sue Petrone, mother of slain student Daniel Rohrbough, welcomed the ruling.

“The purpose of the information is just so people can learn,” she said. “If they see something like this in their own home, writings like this, these are things people need to be concerned about.”

Daniel’s father, Brian Rohrbough, said the materials’ release will shed light on the Harris and Klebold households.

“I think from what we can see from all these items is what was going on inside the houses. It gives us a glimpse of the Harris and Klebold homes. It is important to see what was going on,” Rohrbough said.

He said the parents of both killers have spread the myth that they never saw anything that would have tipped them off to their sons’ plans.

Here is the most important quote as far as I’m concerned…

He said that when people see the videos, it will give them a clear picture of what the homes were really like. And other parents will know what to look for, Rohrbough said.

“It is important to learn the truth,” he said.

(Emphasis mine)

That’s the important part right there. So other parents will know what to look for. Unfortunately, as we keep finding out a lot of parents have no clue or they don’t want to be too hard on their kids like our parents were so many of the kids become unsupervised at most times. Or their parents really don’t care. Don’t be one of those parents. Too many parents have the “Not My Kid” syndrome. If you are one of those parents you better find a cure quick before your kid becomes “one of those kids”. The Harrises and the Klebolds didn’t. Now 13 people are dead because of it.

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