The Death Penalty: Your Anti-Drug Part II

We have more fallout from the Philadelphia pot growers fire that killed 2 Philly firemen. Philadelphia Daily News columnist Jill Porter says that the charges against scumbag pot dealer Daniel Brough are too harsh

And so the D.A.’s office may have created unintended consequences of its own by holding Brough on two counts of murder. The charges seem inapplicable and extreme, and they make him more sympathetic than he ought to be.

More sympathetic? Not to me. His illegal pot growing set up cost the lives of 2 people. Since he was committing an illegal act I don’t see any problem with being charged with murder.

And the people in his neighborhood don’t think he did anything wrong

But to some neighbors, Brough is an amiable handyman who supplemented his low income by selling marijuana.

“I feel sorry for the firemen’s families, but I also feel sorry for Danny, because he was my right-hand man,” said Leonard Zultan-ski, 79, a neighbor who said he socialized with Brough daily. “If I needed somebody, he was always available to help me out. And he would do things for you, sometimes for just a pack of cigarettes, sometimes for nothing at all. He was a good kid.”

Although Brough has no criminal record in Philadelphia, some neighbors said it was well-known that he and his common-law wife sold drugs.

Actually, this doesn’t surprise me. After having lived in this neighborhood I got to witness all sorts of depravity similar to this. It’s just tolerated by the white trash citizens of the neighborhood. You say it’s not a white trash setup. Then read this…

Neighbors said Brough lived in the home with his common law wife, mother, twenty-something stepson and 13-year-old son. The family had lived there at least seven years, Benson said.

That’s got white trash written all over it. Just alone for the fact that he was growing pot in the same house as his 13-year-old son.

And of course, this brings out all the legalization freaks

News of Brough’s murder charge quickly spread around pro-marijuana circles. Dan Vinkovetsky, Cultivation editor of High Times Magazine in New York noted the tragedy of Friday’s blaze but said if marijuana was “legal and out in the open” the firemen’s death could have been avoided.

So if it was legal this wouldn’t have happened. Guess what Sunshine. IT IS ILLEGAL! How about this mister stoner magazine guy. Maybe if he wasn’t growing pot this wouldn’t have happened. Ever think of that assclown?

And of course this old standard from a Philly dope dealer…

“How do you call something that grows out of the ground a drug?” the dealer asked last night. “God doesn’t make drugs.”

You know what else comes out of the ground? Arsenic. Why don’t you go shove that through your system you parasite of society?

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