Columbine Dad to protest President

Columbine dad to protest Bush for end of ban:

Tom Mauser, the father of Daniel Mauser who was killed at Columbine, plans to protest Tuesday during President Bush’s visit to Colorado. He says that President Bush has done nothing to encourage Congress to act on a renewal of the ban. I feel bad for Mr. Mauser since he lost his son to our two favorite scumbags but the assault weapons ban was in effect for 4 1/2 years when Columbine happened. Many things could have prevented Columbine, Harris and Klebold’s parents, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept. if they had executed their search warrant, but not the assault weapons ban. The only difference I could see in my research between “assault weapons” and non-assault weapons is that assault weapons have a “military” look to them. The common misconception is that assault weapons are fully automatic machine guns, which are illegal to own. So the ban only prevented people from being killed by military “looking” weapons. No to mention that the ban only prevented private citizens from owning the weapons. Criminals didn’t really pay much attention to the ban. President Bush is on record saying that if Congress had passed an extension of the ban he would have signed it. So why he’s protesting the President is beyond me. Maybe he should be more dedicated to getting legislation passed that would make much harsher sentences for selling guns illegally that are then used in a crime. Mark Manes, who sold his TEC-DC9 to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, only served 19 months. But hey, it’s his life.

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