Columbine Lockdown

Graffiti Prompts Columbine Lockdown:

Columbine High is under lockdown because of a series of threats written in graffiti. The article does not state what the exact threats were. Some may find it a bit extreme but can you blame them after what happened?

The article also goes on about how the warnings of the Columbine massacre were ignored. It also says that the “juvenile diversion” programs that Harris and Klebold were placed into also failed. Check out this quote…

District Attorney Dave Thomas said many youngsters in juvenile diversion programs made remarks similar to those of Harris. “We do have failures,” Thomas said. “Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were two of those.”

And there we have today’s winner of the “No shit Sherlock” award. Maybe if they were treated like criminals that they were instead of being given a slap on the wrist Columbine might not have happened.

3 thoughts on “Columbine Lockdown”

  1. Klebold and Harris were allowed to evolve without supervision. It’s unbelievable that the parents, the police, and the school administration didn’t notice *anything* or if they did, didn’t do a damn thing about it.


  2. What they did was wrong. But society can’t be blameless. Let’s face it…we live in a society where the majority would rather say that Rammstein or Doom or parents were the cause of it. “For heaven’s sake, it definitely couldn’t be the fucks that threw soda cans at Eric, or pushed him into lockers.” We live in a society where kids get tortured &amp&amp picked on on a daily basis, &amp&amp instead of penalizing the bullies, we’d rather say, “kids will be kids,” or “it’ll teach the outcasts how to toughen up.” BULLSHIT! We live in a society where the majority is so ignorant that they shun &amp&amp ostracize someone who’s different unique instead of asking questions &amp&amp learning about them. I wish that it wasn’t like this…but it’s not. Ask youself, how can it change. I cry when I think about all the mistakes in this world….but one voice cannot fight the system alone.:sad:


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