Michigan Bomb Plot Foiled

Cop’s Daughter Foils Teen Bomb Plot:

This is the coolest story I think I’ve done ever. 16-year-old Celia McGinty of Idaho brought down a school bombing plot that was going to happen in Michigan. The “alleged” suspect, 17-year-old Andrew Osantowski, had shared the plot with McGinty. He planned on bombing Chippewa Valley High School. Turns out that McGinty’s dad, George, heads the cybercrime unit for the Washington State University police. D’oh! What police found at Osantowski’s home was instructions for making a bomb, videotapes of him with assault weapons, weapons and ammunition, Nazi flags, and books about white supremacy and Adolf Hitler. Where were the parents you say?

Marvin Osantowski, 52, the boy’s father, was charged with concealing stolen firearms and pleaded not guilty. Bond was set at $500,000.

So it seems like we have a family of neo-Nazis that plotted on blowing up the school. But it gets even better.

I noticed the byline of the article said Clinton Township, MI. I was wondering why that should sound familiar to me since I’ve never been to Michigan. Then I remembered. I am 99% positive that these are the same assclowns that ran a site on Geocities called Cemetery Party of National Socialists that I helped get blacklisted.

So anyway cheers to Celia McGinty for saving a lot of lives and having the courage to do what others might not have done and putting these mutants behind bars.

7 thoughts on “Michigan Bomb Plot Foiled”

  1. Oh man…I was watching that on the news today. It was rediculous Incase you dont’ remember, I live in warren, a suburb of detroit thats a few miles away from clinton township. Oh…but it gets better…Osantowski is my aunt’s husband’s last name, so I did a little reserch and found out that they are 3rd-ish cousins. Needless to say, I find this all extra disturbing…


  2. ok well then why do i see confederate flags and shit everywhere, and um, oh yeah the HUGE ASS population that cheered in detroit when 9/11 happened– what race are they????????


  3. 😀 Darcie, you want to see Confederate Flags, just drive south on I-75 for 4 hours. I know, I lived there for 12 years. I even lived in Kentucky for a month and lived to tell about it. You can see Confederate Flage in Taylortucky, not to single out that Detroit Downriver community. Where do you live? It sounds like you don’t live in the Metro Detroit area…:lol:


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