More News From Michigan

Teen may face life in prison:

More news on the Michigan school bombing plot. Andrew Osantowski may face life in prison under attempted murder charges if prosecutors can determine a specific date of the attack. I can theorize about the obvious date it might have been but I won’t. Without the attempted murder charge he is facing 20 years in prison. And guess what. He’s a mutant. A quote from prosecuting attorney Steven Kaplan…

“He’s a psychopath. He lacks a conscience,” said Kaplan. “He’s a publicity-monger who wanted to leave this planet in a blaze of glory, and he was inspired by the Columbine killers.”

I kind of figured as much when the site that I believe he had something to do with him linked directly to my Columbine category.

Of course one of the possible court-appointed attorneys for Osantowski is already crying foul…

Mount Clemens attorney Brian Legghio, who is among the defense attorneys who could be asked to represent Osantowski, said police and prosecutors have “recklessly damaged the teen’s rights to a fair trial” by releasing evidence seized in the case.

“This kid’s already convicted in the court of public opinion,” Legghio said. “It’s outrageous what they did. He’s 17 years old.”

First off doesn’t the public have a right to know if their lives were endangered especially when it comes to kids? Secondly, the fact that he’s 17 doesn’t mean anything. Killers come in all ages.

Also according to the chat transcript it sounds like the father wasn’t a neo-nazi but just white trash who didn’t mind his kids having guns.

It sounds like the mom is completely clueless, however. This quote from an opinion piece by Laura Berman…

Osantowski’s mother told reporters, “I think he was brainwashed by all this Nazi stuff he had.”

There were guns, explosives, and pictures of Adolf Hitler in the house — the sort of lifestyle accoutrements you’d expect a good mom to notice.

So I guess my original assessment of the parents was incorrect and that in fact, as usual, we have parents who just didn’t care.

It also turns out that Andrew Osantowski was kicked out of one Catholic school and asked not to return to another. The Catholic schools didn’t share that info with the public school district because they’re not required by law. The Catholic Church keeping secrets, who would have guessed?

So between the parents, the Catholic Schools, and whoever else Andrew Osantowski might have told, someone could have put a stop to this long before it happened. Could you imagine if none of them did and his plan actually went through?

Thank God that Celia McGinty had the sense and the courage to do something about it since no one else did.

2 thoughts on “More News From Michigan”

  1. Defense laywers should be shot.If the system (legal system) were simplified, we wouldn’t need defense laywers. I cannot imagine having a job where you have to ask others to spare the life of horrible murderers.


  2. Defense lawyers (in general) have a motto: “Never plead guilty.” They HAVE to believe that their clients are innocent, or else it’ll be a conflict of interest between their job (trying to get aquitted), and their sense of morals (as you said, putting criminals behind bars).Anyway, it’s retards like Osantowski that make things difficult for the rest of us. I hope he gets life imprisonment. And not in a white-collar “resort” prison, either. I’m talkin’ a Federal “pound-me-in-the-ass” prison.


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