Andrew Osantowski’s Website

Here’s a Trench Exclusive. I have reported it to their local law enforcement and media. I told you a few days ago that I had what I believe to be one of Andrew Osantowski’s websites blacklisted but that I had a partial mirror site. That site can be found here. It has no details whatsoever about his alleged bombing plot. It does go into detail about various break-ins, theft, and vandalism. I have no proof that this site actually belonged to Andrew Osantowski but the details on the site and details that I’ve picked up in the media make me convinced that it is his site.

12 thoughts on “Andrew Osantowski’s Website”

  1. Since Macomb County is a mere 2 miles away, I have to say this web site was a legitmate excercise into the depths of hell. And the SOB apparently enjoyed it!Coming from a Polack like myself, Mr. Osantowski is one fucking dumb Polack!May you get what you deserve to get, you dumb fucking Polack! Too bad your ancestors didn’t move to Berlin before 1939! You and your ilk are an outright disgrace to the Proud Polish Heriitage of Poland and the United States. May you rot in hell for a god damn long time.Gosh, Trench, I need a beer. Or maybe a couple.


  2. I don’t know about the rest of you mindless self-righteous people out there but I for one Salute Mr. Osantowski. For having a vision and a Dream that is greater than probably greater than most can even comprehend it of becoming. If you could only see five minutes in front of your faces, you would see that immortality isnt through love, it’s through acts. U DAH MAN ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. And Bad Breath Dragon, you must have been drinking piss poor beer…for you to post the same thing moronic sage-less crap not once, but twice! I hope you get help soon. You need it. Don’t hesitate to seek out the nearest County Mental Health Board for your problem…which is probably untreatable. Better yet, look into purchasing a burial plot in your favorite cemetery at the earliest opportunity. I suspect you can’t see in front of your face, since you have been standing on your head for a long period of time to post the drivel you just posted.


  4. I have been reading your sight for quite some time now, and yeah i guess it has sunk in that im in the wrong. You are right trench, everyone you have talked about on this site, what they have done did nothing to make their lives or anyone else’s any better, and i guess life is just too short to hate everything all the time. Sorry about posting twice, i had a couple of ones after the exlcamation marks, i pressed stop but i guess it went through anyways. You where right and im sorry.


  5. Yes it is his site, i attend a chippewa school and know people mentioned on that list. just so everyone knows. thought i would remove all doubt about htat website not being his.


  6. hey i knew andrew he lives in my neighborhood and the guy that gave him plans to make the bomb lives 3 houses down from me


  7. Hi, I was Andrew’s friend since about 5th grade all the way until the end. He was a good kid until he went to a private school in 9th grade. I think that fucked him up an all guy school with no girls. He got into nazi shit but I tried to get him out of it you know “come with me to this party” but no he was so anti social and i knew he was all fucked in the head i thought i could stop him from being all fucked up and then I saw it on the news about his terrorist plot I was blown away. I just got out of Macomb County Jail today for a Breaking and Entering charge and while I was there I recieved a letter from him. I dont know how he found out I was there but he wrote to me. he is still a human being and i hope he gets the help he needs and I feel sorry for him and I will always be his freind even if he is crazy he deserves a second chance. I am very open minded and very tolerant I love all forms of life and all people and I am far from being a nazi no way in hell. I am also 100% polish so the nazi shit was personal that was one of the reasons i tried to help him feel free to email me with ne questions.


  8. It’s like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Speech designed to incite or threaten is not protected. In the chat transcript he threatened to kill his dad, his brother, his pets, and shoot up his school so he could have followers. I think the jury reached the correct conclusion. We’ll see what the sentencing holds.


  9. It wasn’t. It’s considered two separate offenses. Hence the term “False Report or Threat of Terrorism”. He was convicted under the threat of terrorism part.


  10. I for one am happy for the verdict. I can’t agree with some that say they can’t figure out if he is guilty or not. Having a child in the school where the threat was issued, is a very scary thing. I am thankful to the jury that did sent him to jail. I just don’t want to see anything happen to so many inocent children, just because one person has some emotional, or mental problems. Too many things pointed in the direction that something was definetly wrong with that child. We as parents and the students can rest easier knowing that Osantowski will not be coming by anytime soon.


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