The Bullying Myth

Violence ensues when teenagers are bullied:

This is an opinion piece from Eastern Michigan University’s magazine by Lindsay Buhagiar. She takes the stance that if people like Eric Harris and Andrew Osantowski were not bullied they would not have planned or committed acts of violence. While I respect Miss Buhagir’s right to her opinion it’s a load of crap. Yes, bullying is a severe problem in our schools that needs to be corrected. However, I don’t think in either case that bullying was a major factor. Both Harris and Osantowski were racists and anti-Semitic. Both had past criminal histories of break-ins. Most importantly both had parents that that didn’t care enough to get them the help they needed. Now your novel approach to be nice to those that are different than us is fine, but the subjects involved didn’t exactly make it easy for themselves by having beliefs that are shunned by most reasonable people. It’s hard to get attached to “Hug a Nazi” day. What do you think would have happened if a cheerleader or jock or whatever tried being nice to Harris or Osantowski? They would have been met with a nice “fuck you” for their troubles. The alleged bullying was just an excuse. In reality, they’re nothing more than psychopaths.

2 thoughts on “The Bullying Myth”

  1. Eastern Michigan University? Gosh, Trench…I feel the bowels moving right now…I got to go to take care of business. This hypothesis by Ms. Lindsay Buhagiar is a big stinky load of crap and I’m going to unload it right now!


  2. From what I understand, it was Klebold that was racist, not Harris. In the journal entry (posted on the net) from Harris’ website, he clearly states that he HATES racism. Forensics determined that it was a bullet/bullets from Klebold’s gun that shot Isaah, the black kid in the library. Harris obviously hated the jocks and the snobby, stuck-up girls but that was all personailty traits, not ethnic racism.


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