More on the Osantowskis

Quiet teen’s terror plot stuns school:

Just some more tidbits about the Osantowski case that I missed.

Osantowski enrolled at Chippewa Valley High only 10 days before his arrest. How can you hate your school that fast especially when he requested to go to that school because all his friends were there? Obviously there’s something mentally wrong with that kid.

Check out this quote from his arraignment…

Andrew Osantowski’s only public comments Friday came during his video arraignment. Osantowski, his pale skin and blond hair a stark contrast to his black T-shirt, was polite and composed when asked for his thoughts on bond by Magistrate John Russi.

“I’d like to participate in, like, anti-drug programs or antiviolence programs. Anything I can do to help the community,” Osantowski said, just after requesting a court-appointed attorney.

Oh no. No community service for you. Don’t you realize the severity of the charges you’re facing? I guess he thinks in his mind that he really didn’t do anything wrong.

Conflicting accounts of the father Marvin Osantowski…

His father came on-screen a short time later to face charges of concealing stolen firearms and conspiring to conceal. He told the magistrate, “I’m a good citizen,” before his bond was set at $600,000.


Marvin Osantowski is an autoworker on disability with a penchant for neighborhood causes. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and a founding member of a local Catholic church. In 2000, he was appointed to the township committee after protesting a road expansion in his neighborhood. Fellow members didn’t notice anything unusual. In fact, he seemed like a nice man, said Jason Davidson, who is the vice president of the Clintondale Community Schools Board of Education.


The teen apparently targeted the liaison officer because she handled a case in which he and his father were accused of stealing three golf carts from Fern Hill in May. Both were charged with receiving and concealing stolen property and were arraigned Thursday morning, only hours before their home was raided on the terrorism tip.

And according to the chat transcript Andrew Osantowski claims his dad beat him.

Maybe he’s one of those guys that keeps up public appearances but is a real jerk at home.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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