More Charges Filed against Osantowski

Teenager accused in Columbine-like plan faces other charges:

Andrew Osantowski has a new charge against him yet again. This time for spitting on another inmate which is considered assault. When you’re 17 and in jail, you’re best bet is to keep a low profile. Spitting on an inmate is not a low profile. I’d be curious to know what the ethnicity of the other inmate is.

As was reported previously Osantowski was arraigned on two additional charges of two counts of breaking and entering, two felony counts of larceny in a building, and two misdemeanor counts of malicious destruction of property. The B & E charges can carry a 10-year sentence. The charges stem from an online journal attributed to Osantowski.

Center Line Police Detective Robert Wroblewski said he had no suspects in the break-ins until he read a Sept. 22 news article about an online journal attributed to Osantowski. The postings describe break-ins almost identical to the March 27 and April 8 incidents.

It’s unknown whether or not if I had anything to do with Center Line police finding Osantowski’s website as I never heard back from any law enforcement agencies.

The article also states…

In a note dated April 9, the writer wishes a happy birthday to Columbine killer Eric Harris.

That’s half-true. The exact quote is…

April 9, 2004-Happy B-day to Eric Harris, NJ teen sentenced to 10 years in jail for Columbine Like Plot.

Eric Harris’ birthday is April 9th but the teen from New Jersey he’s referring to is Matthew Lovett who was sentenced the day before Osantowski’s journal entry to 10 years for his own school shooting plot.

I’m not surprised that the Detroit Free Press didn’t check that fact. Their motto should be… “Print First. Ask questions later.”

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