10/10/04: From The Mail Sack

If you’re reading this on Monday morning please check the weekends entries. I had a plethora of news to discuss and with the hosting change some of you may have missed it.

Anyway I was hoping I could go two weeks in a row without hate mail but here we are…

As usual from the entry on the Eric Harris journal

😈 Who ever said these people were inocent. I think they deserved what was coming to them. You should have listened. Opened your mind and actually take in what they felt. But as you can see you have not learned your lesson.

you think they were crazy, maybe they were. Or maybe you created what you saw that day. You should think before you do or say because it might affect someone in a way you may regret.

Comment by Cyrus — Wednesday Oct 6, 2004 @ 8:34 am

They were innocent. Most of the people killed had no contact with the two scumbags, Harris and Klebold, at all. They killed random people in cold blood like two little cowards. The only people who created what happened that day were the two scumbags themselves. People are responsible for their own actions. Even two cowards that are burning in hell.

Again from the same entry as usual…

They weren’t cowards, not by along way. They shot a bunch of people and then themselves. Seen the suicide pictures? They ain’t pretty. To the person who said that they never let the bulling get to them. You probably had friends the same as you. Eric and Dylan had barely any friends. They weren’t even in the trenchcoat mafia.They were outcasts among the outkasts.

I respect them for going through with it. I’ve thought about it a lot but obviously never did it.

Yeah, people got killed, but it couldn’t be helped. If Dylan and Eric hadn’t done it, someone would have. And some people copied them.

They weren’t sick fucks. They just couldn’t go on with their shit life and wanted revenge.

RIP Harris and Klebold.

Comment by Aine — Sunday Oct 10, 2004 @ 5:04 pm

Yes, they were cowards. When you shoot 13 unarmed people who had nothing to do with you it is an act of cowardice. When you take your own life rather than facing the consequences of your actions it’s an act of cowardice. It could have been helped in so many ways that have been documented here before so many times I won’t even get into it. They were sick fucks. Two of the sickest fucks that ever spilled forth from a mother’s womb. There’s only one type of person that’s sicker. Little snively mutants like yourselves whose parents obviously don’t care about you who look up to those scumbags as heroes. I pity you. Really.

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