More from Marshfield

We have much more news from Marshfield. The high school where Toby Kerns had planned on going on a killing spree…

Toby’s dad, Ben Kerns, is claiming that another student is also involved. I received a comment from someone who claims to go to Marshfield high who said there are four others possibly having charges against them. The article also states that Kerns had planned his spree to mark the 5th anniversary of Columbine. As we all know that would have been this past April. I believe they mean the 6th anniversary. The article also states that many Marshfield students don’t believe Kerns was the only suspect.

The Boston Herald conflicts itself. In one article they say that students support Kerns. In the other students who were targeted by Kerns are not surprised

“He gives off this really creepy vibe,” said David McGrath, a former student who was allegedly targeted by Kerns. “He stared at me in the halls and gave me weird looks. He’s almost the stereotype of someone who would do this.”

Another tidbit from the same article…

Kerns, described as a goth who was hospitalized last summer after he threatened to commit suicide, was hanging around with swastika-toting teens who called themselves the “Natural Born Killers.”

Sounds like he was part of a group of Harris and Klebold worshipping mutants.

Ben Kerns is also putting the blame on abuse Toby suffered at the hands of his mother as the outlying cause of his behavior. I sympathize for Toby for any abuse he may have suffered but the bottom line is there is no excuse for plotting to kill people. Listen to your Uncle Trench kids. It’s just high school. In 4 years it’s over. Living well really is the best revenge. If you kill someone or kill yourself then you’ve let them win. Be bigger than they are. Then after high school, you can look back at what pricks they were that probably still have a high school mentality or forget about it completely. Wouldn’t you rather have that than being dead or in prison? It’s not worth it. And parents keep an eye on your kids. Put a stop to it before the police come bashing down your door. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy. If more parents disciplined their kids more we wouldn’t have these problems.

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