Reasonable Doubt

Toby Kerns: Friends paint different picture of troubled teen:

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m man enough to admit when I may have been wrong. I may have jumped the gun a little bit in the case of Toby Kerns. I can see why I did though. In most of the school shooting plots that have been thwarted, like Andrew Osantowski and Matthew Lovett, there’s been little doubt once the suspect has been apprehended. Not so in the Toby Kerns case. There seems to be enough speculation in the fact that a friend of Toby Kerns’ was living with the Kernses at the time. A lot of people are saying that this friend is the one actually behind the alleged plot. To me, that is enough doubt to rethink my position on Toby Kerns. And not just because of what the article said because there are other articles that have said the exact opposite of what was in this article. I also received an e-mail from someone claiming to be close to the Kernses that threw suspicion on this other kid. If the friend was in fact behind this my question would then be was he actually planning on shooting up the school or was he really trying to frame Toby Kerns? Do I think Toby Kerns is completely innocent? Too soon to tell at this point. But I think that there is enough speculation for police to investigate this “friend”. We shall see what develops.

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