Second Arrest in Marshfield

Second Teen Arrested In H.S. Massacre Case:

After receiving comments and e-mails from people close to the Kerns family I asked the other day why aren’t police looking at Tobin Kerns’ friend who is the son of the president of the Boston police union. I told my readers to draw their own collusion…I mean conclusions.

That all changed today. Local police arrested Joseph Nee in his homeroom at 7:30 this morning. How does this bode for Kerns? Right now, not too good…

During the course of their investigation, officials said, they discovered that Nee, despite his status as informant was “just as dangerous” as Toby Kerns, 16, who was arrested last month in connection with the alleged massacre scheme.

So it looks like they’re holding Kerns and Nee equally responsible.

Nee’s father, Boston Police Patrolmen Association union president Thomas Nee, says that his son was the original “confidential informant” who went to police with information about the alleged plot.

As far as Nee’s status goes…

Assistant District Attorney John McLoughlin asked the court Monday to have Nee held for at least three days while prosecutors assemble their witness list and come up with a proposed bail or recommendation for a longer jail stay.

I guess we’ll know more in three days. It looks like this one won’t be over for a while.

Police union boss’s son arrested in Marshfield school plot:

Just some more pieces of information and quotes from another article…

Nee was arrested at Marshfield High around 7 a.m. and led away from the school in handcuffs.

He was ordered to return to court for a dangerousness hearing later this week. His attorney, Eric Goldman, said there is no evidence linking him to the plot.

“Mr. Nee is certainly guilty of being a distraught teenager … but he was the informant,” Goldman said.

Nee’s father, Thomas Nee, president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, said his son lived with Kerns’ family for three weeks last spring after Nee and his son had a fight over Joseph coming home drunk.

Outside court, a tearful Thomas Nee said he was “embarrassed by the allegations,” but proud of his son for coming forward.

“I don’t care what kids talk about, as long as they don’t act it out,” he said. “I’m just thankful for one thing, that there’s been no tragedy, there’s been nobody hurt.”

Nee said he would stand by his son, one of nine children.

According to court documents, Nee had told Kerns he knew how to make a Napalm-like explosive. A search of the woods near Kerns’ home found evidence that an explosive had been detonated there, police said.

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