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Second arrest was warranted:

Just a couple of more items out of Marshfield…

During Monday’s arraignment prosecutor John McLaughlin said Nee and Kerns developed a fascination about the incident at Columbine High School and Nee even did a school report on the tragedy. The two formed the group known as NBK – natural born killers in December 2003 to protect those at the high school picked on by popular kids, he said. They later came up with the plot to kill teachers and students, McLaughlin said, noting that a female student told police Nee showed a 40-caliber gun at school and said the school was going to be “shot up.”

Another student said during a meeting under a bridge in Humarock, Nee tried to recruit him to help lock doors during the planned attack to keep students and staff from escaping and showed the hit list, McLaughlin said. He also said Nee spoke of plans to have people on the roofs with rifles to keep police and fire department responders from getting into the building.

“The defendant (Nee) is just as dangerous as the individual already arrested,” McLaughlin said.

According to Kerns, Nee lived in a spare bedroom at his house for about three weeks last May after telling Toby he’d been kicked out of his house and had nowhere to go. Ben Kerns became troubled by the apparent influence Nee had over his own son, convincing him to shave his head, and putting a swastika on the spare bedroom wall. Kerns said that most of the evidence police found against Toby was discovered in the spare bedroom where Nee stayed and likely developed the plot last May.

Emphasis mine. Let me speculate here for a second. From what I’ve read so far it sounds like that the Marshfield police went strictly on the word of a policeman’s son. By doing that they may have possibly put the student’s lives in danger. The school and the police deny the students were ever in danger.

It’s also starting to sound like to me that Nee was the Eric Harris of the two and Kerns was a reluctant Klebold. Then when Kerns started to turn his life around Nee may have been afraid that Kerns would turn him in so Nee went to the police first. Again this is all speculation.

I’ll bring you more as it develops.

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