Marshfield Suspect Held For 90 Days

Cops detail Marshfield school plot at hearing:

This is real responsible journalism by the Boston Herald, isn’t it? I can imagine that editorial meeting. “Hey, I got an idea. Let’s print their plans to blow up and shoot up the school in great detail so someone else can come along and improve on their plans.”

Another thing that’s bothering me, Tobin Kerns is being held without bail but Joseph Nee, son of a Boston cop, is being held for 90 days. Is there some legal argument that I’m missing here? What happens after 90 days? Will Nee be released into his father’s custody?

Speaking of Nee’s father and his attorney…

Nee’s attorney, Tom Dreschler, punched holes in the prosecution’s argument, calling Nee the hero for revealing the plot to unsuspecting police. “A young man comes forward and the thanks he gets is the government using his words against him,” Dreschler said, adding, “They say thanks for the memories. ‘We want to lock you up.'”

Nee’s father, Tom Nee, said he was appalled.

“I don’t even want to hold a shield given what I saw today,” said the 25-year veteran.

If you come forward to the police about a murder plot that doesn’t make you automatically innocent, especially when you’re involved in the plot. Why don’t you want to hold a shield anymore? Is it because the Marshfield police are actually doing their job? Or is it because they won’t turn a blind eye for a fellow police officer? I have the utmost respect for law enforcement but when they start demanding special treatment for family members who are suspects then the shield becomes a little more tarnished.

As always it was your pleasure.

UPDATE: The Boston Globe is saying that Nee is also being held without bail.

UPDATE 2.0: From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Nee has pleaded innocent to one count of conspiracy to commit mass murder and one count of promoting anarchy.

Kerns is being held without bail on eight counts of threatening to commit a crime, two counts of promoting anarchy and one count of attempt to commit a murder.

If they’re equally culpable why are the charges so disproportional?

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