Kerns charged as adult

2 teenagers indicted in Marshfield school plot:

Both Tobin Kerns and Joseph Nee have been indicted by a grand jury. What’s surprising here is that the 16-year-old Kerns is being charged as an adult. Usually in these cases, if no one was hurt and no weapons were found the kids are tried as juveniles. Locally we had a situation about a year ago where a kid was drawing up plans to shoot up his school and even had homemade napalm. He only got 12 months probation. While I’m all for trying juveniles as adults when the situation warrants it there are too many unanswered questions swirling around this case to make such a decisive stand as trying Kerns as an adult. Either there are facts that I am missing or there is something shady going on. Nee was the one who allegedly brought a gun to school but Kerns has more charges against him. Again I’m not saying Tobin Kerns is completely innocent but the prosecution seems to be going harder on him than on Nee.

Nee’s lawyer is becoming my favorite comedian…

Nee’s lawyer, Thomas Drechsler of Boston, said after the indictment was announced that his client is being used as a scapegoat by the Marshfield police.

”Joe was promised confidentiality, that he was a witness and not subject of the investigation,” Drechsler said in a telephone interview. ”They used him and got the information, which they were too incompetent to get on their own. They seek to use his own information against him and hold him without bail.”

Like I said yesterday if you come forward to the police about a murder plot that doesn’t make you automatically innocent, especially when it’s your plot. It sounds like Nee was trying to cover his own ass before the shit hit the fan. Unfortunately for Nee shit splatters.

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