11/7/04: From The Mail Sack

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s been almost a month. I guess that’s a good thing because it means mutant activity is down but I still have mail. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

This one was an e-mail I got with the subject “colorado shooting on 4-20-99″…

This is from:gdsmk624@aol.com robert(

first of all there a are some parents that know what the word RESPECT means. i personally am glad that the parents didnt search their childs room cause other wise they might be shot first and the shooting may or may not have been prevented.

RESPECT works both ways, Robert. It’s obvious that Harris and Klebold didn’t RESPECT their parents or else they wouldn’t have kept their weapons in one of their parents’ houses. And obviously, they didn’t RESPECT life enough not to kill 13 people. Whether or not the shooting would have been prevented we’ll never know because their parents didn’t lift a damn finger to do anything.

As usual from The Eric Harris journal

👿 I think all of those students deserved what they got.

Every day that you say something mean you should remember

this ” Are you willing to die for your beliefs”

Comment by Vodka — Thursday Oct 28, 2004 @ 8:34 am

Yeah, they deserve to be shot for having no association with those two scumbags. Whatever. Next. Also, notice that we have another mutant calling him/herself Vodka. Not an original thought by yet another of the mutant collective.

From my entry on The Columbine Death Photos

All of you need to shut the fuck up, I knew dylen and erric they were both nice boys we were in the same gang together.

And they were my heros when they shot up the school like that. Did you know that they asked me to help them but i said no because it was stupid but now i realize i should have done it and helped them. It would have been so cool.

so all of you need to shut the fuck up, Those boys did what was right, Erric once said to me”i need to kill those kids and i’m going to, you know i need to fuckin kick start the revolution here!”

So all of you think what you want but what they did on that day was awsome and i wish i could have done it with them.

Comment by trenchcotemafia — Tuesday Nov 2, 2004 @ 8:53 pm

Another mutant claiming to know those two scumbags. Like I keep saying if even half the people who claim to have known them actually knew them they would have been the most popular kids in Colorado. You can’t even spell their names right. Not to mention the fact that they weren’t actually in The Trenchcoat Mafia. Just another mutant trying to convince people that his or her fantasy is the reality.

And lastly from my entry on The Eric Harris worship site

This guy is an asshole we all know Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are fucking heroes!! 😈

Comment by plAyeR76 — Sunday Nov 7, 2004 @ 9:23 am

This could be your son or daughter leaving this comment but you’ll never know because as a parent you couldn’t be bothered to be involved in your kids’ lives.

It’s like those commercials. Parental Involvement: The Anti-killing.

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