Knife Attack in Indiana High School

Student Slashes Five Classmates in Indiana:

I waited to do anything on this story because it happened the day before Thanksgiving and I wanted to wait until a possible motive was discussed but something else has happened to make me comment on this. For those of you that had not heard 15-year-old, James Lewerke attacked 5 students at Valparaiso High School with a machete and a tree saw. Luckily none of the injuries were that serious and all those injured have been treated and released. So far the only thing the media in Indiana covering this story has talked about was security concerns at Valparaiso High School. I have yet to find one story that tries to address the problem of why James Lewerke did what he did. This also comes after a kid brought a gun to school that was used in a suicide. While security is a great concern in these issues why isn’t the reasons behind these incidents being addressed? Apparently, it’s a question that the local school board needs to address.

3 thoughts on “Knife Attack in Indiana High School”

  1. I live in rensselaer, indiana, which is about 60 miles south of Valpo. one of the students slashed was a transfer student from my school. i also knew James, since he was on the academic team at valpo, and im on the academic team at rensselaer. while this is a tragic story, i believe that it is outrageous that almost every news article i read it was mentioned that valpo is only 20 miles southeast of gary, like this is significant to what happened. this didnt happen in gary, it happened in Valpo. i grew up in valpo, in the portage school district, and im not an angry youth. my boyfriend lives in hobart and works in gary- and he’s an honor student on the academic team as well. my cousins grew up in valpo and they are fine upstanding citizens. in fact, if you look at these acts of violence in valpo, it has to do with students who were tormented and teased to the point that they dont know what to do anymore. im in no way condoning what they did, but most of the students that resort to acts of violence have often times already went to school officials- only to find that they wont do anything either. i think that the problem with todays youth is that they dont know when teasing has gone too far- and when it has, they have no one to blame but thmeselves. i do not feel sorry for the students at valpo- only the innocents that honestly had nothing to do with the tormenting of James that were affected by this tragedy. i think we should be remorseful- not just for the students slashed, but for the life that will not be lived to the fullest extent because he will be spending his youth behind bars simply because he was not taught how to release his anger in a productive way- a subject for a different time, a different rant.


  2. hmm..i go to vhs also..maybe it wasn’t the right thing to go and start naming names on this thing…but about “As for the kids they crack jokes about it b/c thats all they can do especially when they go to a mirrior and see a huge scar on the’re face and they didnt deserve it at all!!” it’s of my neighbors who was in the attack makes jokes about it all the time..well, atleast he did back when i used to talk to him often..but anyways, i think that he just made light of the situation so people won’t be worried about him..but it must be hard.about the security: not everyone in valpo is crazy, but the school has made sure to step on security…although some of their strategies are obscure, such as coloring the hallways, the school now does have police stationed around the halls and last year there was a significant amount of videos put up around the premisis although, i don’t know how well they work considering i’ve heard kids have been able to go in and out of the building without anyone noticing before.


  3. I went to VHS and was a grade above the one James was in. I don’t know why he did what he did, but I also don’t think whoever wrote the comment about the other girl knows what they are talking about. I knew a girl by the same name you mentioned and I never heard any story of that happening. I don’t think its appropriate to spread rumors and stories about people, especially if you don’t know them very well. It is highschool, so you shouldn’t believe everything you hear or that someone tells you, whether it is about what you think you know about the slashing incident OR any other student. 


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