No Sympathy for Killers

Occasionally I lurk at message boards and discussion groups that are sympathetic or downright worship killer scumbags, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Even after 5 years, I am still amazed at some of the things that people post. For example, I found this posted the other day on one of the discussion groups…

My heart goes out to Eric and Dylan: they were normal kids who played soccer and baseball, who planned on going to college or joining the military. They had normal parents and friends, they were not the monsters that the media—based on very little information—made them out to be after the fact. I am so glad I have found other people here who actually understand that!

Yeah, they were just normal kids. As we all know all normal kids stockpile weapons and explosives in their house and go on to kill 13 people. Just your average normal kids. Ok, sarcasm aside what bothered me most about this post that it wasn’t from some angst-ridden goth wanna be high school kid. After checking the author’s website it turns out that the author is a well dressed, well behaved, well spoken, college student. One of my fears is that this “sympathy for killers” mindset will start to gain legitimacy in the mainstream. Which I guess means I have to repeat myself once again for the sake of common sense…


First of all, I don’t think that Harris and Klebold were bullied. If anything they were the bullies themselves. Even if they were it’s no excuse to gun down 13 people who had little to no connection with them. They did not have normal parents. They had parents who were obviously very lax in their parenting skills. Allowing an arsenal to be amassed under their noses is proof of that, not to mention the fact that the Klebolds feel like they did nothing wrong. They may not be monsters to you but considering they’re mass murderers the term monster might not be that much of a stretch.

Nothing that ever happened to those two scumbags warranted the merciless execution of 13 people. Harris and Klebold were not victims nor martyrs nor heroes. They were nothing but cowards undeserving of anyone’s praise for their actions.

6 thoughts on “No Sympathy for Killers”

  1. People like you are the reason Klebold and Harris did what they did.It was a mistake,I do not encourage this behaviour, but individualslike yourself make this world worse then it already is, justby invoking a hell and a christ that do not and will not exist.You are nothing to judge them.If you do believe in this so-calledchrist, you should know that he said never throw a rock and judge theguilty ones unless you consider yourself free from all sins and with a pureconscience.


  2. Well, let me first make something clear I am not on the side of that Neta Iacomi dickhead. But I do think they both had great parents. It was not their faults. As Harris himself said: “Good wombs hath born bad sons”. The parents had it worse than a lot of people involved because they were seen to be irresponsible. It was not their parenting skills that were lacking, but perhaps they were a bit too trusting, and maybe should have checked their kids rooms from time to time, as most parents do. On the contrary however, I still think that the parents were victims just like everyone else, and is sad to think of the pain they had to go through knowing that they brought someone into the world who would later take 13 lives out.


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