Marshfield: The Year in Review

A tragedy prevented, a town shocked:

This article seems like a year in review of the Marshfield High plot incident. It’s actually a pretty good article but I have to take issue with a couple of things…

However parents of MHS students said the harsh media spotlight was particularly difficult for their children. At a PTO meeting shortly after the initial news conference, parents told principal Robert Keuther that many of their kids had expressed bewilderment at seeing news cameras and reporters outside their school, on top of just finding out one of their classmates may have been planning to kill them.

Oh no, not bewilderment. :-O Anything but that. In the grand scheme of things seeing reporters outside their school is low on the list of things that will harm your child. I love it when the media and the soccer moms get together. And if the media didn’t show up they’d be complaining about the fact that it wasn’t being reported.

This from Joseph Nee’s father…

“Everybody keeps calling this a Columbine. It’s not a Columbine because my son had the courage and conviction to come forward,” Thomas Nee said.

Coming forward to accuse someone who may not have been involved is not courage and conviction. It’s called covering your own ass and deflecting the blame.

From Joseph Nee’s attorney…

Drechsler, Nee’s attorney, pointed out that while Toby Kerns has a criminal history, getting arrested several times for breaking and entering, and that he also has been treated in a psychiatric facility, Nee has never been in trouble with a law or treated for mental illness.

Let me see, a cop’s son who has never “been in trouble with the law”. I wonder why that is. Being a cop’s son can go a long way in getting out of trouble with the local police. And just because Nee was never treated for mental illness doesn’t mean he’s not mentally ill. I offer the following as evidence of that…

Nee also reportedly wore a homemade shirt with the date of the Columbine massacre and “Remember the Heroes” – a reference to Columbine killers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris – written on it in German to school several times. At one point he dressed as Harris for Halloween at school.

There’s no reportedly about it. I’ve had more than one Marshfield student e-mail me or leave me a comment that says that actually happened. Not to cast aspersions here but I’m going to. What kind of father, let alone what kind of cop, would let their kids out of the house wearing clothes that pay tribute to known killers?

The more I read about this incident the more I start to think that Tobin Kerns was just a scapegoat. Especially since, as I’ve said before, that so many people have contacted me in defense of Tobin Kerns and I have yet to hear from one person in defense of Joseph Nee.

That speaks volumes.

One thought on “Marshfield: The Year in Review”

  1. From what I understand the police investigation is done, and now the only “continuing” investigation is in the District Attorney’s office. A police investigation is gathering evidence, all evidence to get at “what happened,” a District Attorney investigation is geared to “their case.” The District Attorney does not want the truth, they want a conviction. They need Farley and Sullivan as their primary witnesses and so without public outcry they will not arrest them, they need them. When witnesses are testifying and the defendant’s attorney asks if there is an agreement expressed or implied for their testimony, if they were arrested and charged they would have to answer yes, if they are not charged with anything they can answer no. As it stands now Farley and Sullivan have motivation to point the finger at Toby and minimize their own actions, they were friends with Joe before and after Toby. They were actively recruiting in August and September, long after Toby had seperated from them. They had maps and “hit lists” and were showing them around in August and September.This is so frustrating. I truly believe that Joe Nee was (and is) a sick and angry kid. I think that he was all talk, that his talk was obsessive and compulsive, that everyone who came into contact with him heard him rave on and on about violence, nazi racist crap and hatred of authority. I don’t think that any of the kids thought that he’d act on any of it, that it was “just Joe talking crazy.” When Toby no longer wanted to listen to this angry hate stuff and told Joe, Farley and Sully to stay away from him the boys got mad. Then they got even. The police were involved, the district attorney saw his name in lights (perhaps at the Govenor’s mansion, also gaining favor and endorsement with the BPPA through Thomas Nee…geez, they were working out an immunity deal, thank goodness they didn’t get a judge to sign it, think about that, the DA was ready to give Joe immunity, Joe Nee the Columbine poster boy would have been their primary witness against Toby) Toby was arrested, the Grand Jury indicted Toby and then indicted Joe Nee (much to the shock and I imagine the dismay of the DA) and now we have this mess. With Farley and Sullivan singing like little choir boys.Marsha, Toby’s Aunt


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