Toby Kerns Released

Toby Kerns released on $20,000 bail:

Toby Kerns has been released on $20,000 bail. Prosecutors argued the bail should be set at $1 million cash due to the severity of the charges but luckily Juvenile Court Judge Louis Coffin did not agree. The article also states that Kern’s attorney William McElligott believes the Marshfield Police are withholding evidence that the defense is entitled to see. Considering the other suspect is the son of a cop this comes off as very suspicious. What doesn’t look good is that the Assistant District Attorney John McLaughlin said the maps found in Toby’s home were analyzed by the state crime lab and it was determined they were in Toby’s handwriting. However, William McElligott said the tests on the maps and other written material including the hit list have been inconclusive. For now, Toby will not be returning to school and will be more or less homeschooled. I guess that would be in Toby’s best interest as well. Could you imagine how much he would be harassed in school even if his involvement in the plot was little to none? Unfortunately, that’s the nature of high school.

Enjoy your pancakes, Toby.

3 thoughts on “Toby Kerns Released”

  1. Thanks for your comments Frank but in all fairness it is very questionable that Tobin Kerns had enough involvement in this situation to warrant the charges that he’s accused of.


  2. I in no way want to let this kid or any person that has committed or conspired to commit a crime off, but I do wonder what is wrong with the system that kids would be this messed up by this age.I honestly believe it is because we have stripped parents and institutions of their authority. We need a return to strict and serioius disipline for youths.Thank you.


  3. Once again, thank you Trench. We, the family, stand proudly behind Toby and know that the truth will set him free. I am so disappointed with the deputy DA and the Da’s office. I fear that they are more interested in prosecuting this case than in finding the truth. Also, by the very nature of Joe Nee’s being the son of Thomas Nee, I suspect that they might have their own reasons for transfering blame to Toby and off Joe Nee. It might be noted at the time that the DA was in the midst of giving Joe Nee immunity, that the Grand Jury indicted him, thank God a judge hadn’t signed it.Thank you again, Marsha (Toby’s Aunt)


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