Courts to decide on Columbine tapes

Court to decide on release of Columbine killers’ tapes, diaries:

I’m actually torn on this issue. On the one hand, I hate how the media, in this case, the Denver Post, feel like they have the God-given right to have access to any and all information no matter how detrimental it may be if it’s released to the public. Not to mention all the mutant websites that will pop up advertising that they have all the tapes and documents available for download which will, in turn, cause the Harris and Klebold worshiping mutants to cream their jeans over seeing videos of their heroes. On the other hand, I think the materials should be released so people could see just how much of a bunch of psychopaths they really were and how their parents let this all go on under their noses. I also think that every parent that has a kid in school should see the materials so they’ll realize that something like Columbine can happen anywhere at any time and yes even with your kid if you don’t do something about it. Unfortunately, most parents are in denial about such matters, which is a damn shame.

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